Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I Got Nuthin' To Complain About--Words And Video

April 1, 2015

Hey ya'll, it's me.

Today I want to share an observation that the Lord gave me last week when I walked in. I had pitched a hissy fit that mornin' cause I didn't think I should have to walk into town, it wasn't fair, yadda, yadda, yadda.

When I was done gripin', the Lord said, "Well, you better get going, you have a long way to walk."

As I walked, He began to help me put together an observation that helped me put what I had seen as a trial into perspective. I did this as a presentation for our church Sunday, and I'm puttin' it here in my blog in both written and video form.

I think it's a good Easter message, plus hopefully it will help you put whatever you're goin' through into perspective.

I Got Nuthin’ To Complain About
Evelyn Edgett
March 25, 2015
Some mornings, when I have to walk into town, the alarm goes off and I’m tired.
It could be because the day before I worked really hard stringing fence, and wore myself out—or it could be because I foolishly stayed up too late reading.
But I’ve never been tired from being kept awake all night after being unjustly arrested, watching my closest friends desert me, being dragged from one interrogation to another, my tormentors shouting, “BLASPHEMER!” in my face, hating me for the simple fact that who I am turns a mirror to their own ungodliness…
So I got nuthin’ to complain about.
My back and shoulders hurt, because I wear a big back pack full of stuff I need.
But my back and shoulders have never hurt because I’ve been scourged—meaning I was lashed 30 times with a multi-stranded whip, designed with bits of sharpened bone, metal, stone and even glass woven into he strands, so that every time it strikes, it rips the flesh from my body, and when I look down at the courtyard stones, I see my own blood splashed around my feet, then to have the instrument of my death laid across  my bleeding back and shoulders, then forced to carry it up a hill to the site of my execution…
So I got nuthin’ to complain about.
My arms hurt, because I carry a heavy oak staff for walking and defense in the mountains.
But my arms have never hurt because they have been stretched out on a cross, so I can shed my blood for the souls of the very ones driving in the nails…
So I got nuthin’ to complain about.
I get winded sometimes, especially going up Blue Mountain, because that sucker is steep, and I have to hold the right posture so I can breathe.
But I have never been out of breath because I’m hanging from a cross, my arms nailed up in a position that prevents me from lifting  my torso up, and my body is hanging at an angle so awkward, that it’s putting a strain on my arms, shoulders, neck, chest and back, a strain so hard it is causing violent muscle spasms, that actually cause my own body to crush the air from my lungs, and no matter what I try, I can’t get a breath…
So I got nuthin’ to complain about.
My feet hurt, because I don’t have the best shoes for walking right now, and those roads on the mountain have rocks and gravel everywhere, and I feel every stone through the thin soles of my shoes.
But my feet have never hurt because I have one placed upon the other, and a spike POUNDED through them into a cross—and added to that agony, when I HAVE to take a breath, I use that spike through my feet to push down and straighten my legs, raising my body barely enough so that I can gasp in a quick lungful of air before the pain in my feet becomes so intense that I have to drop back drown…
So I got nuthin’ to complain about.
Sometimes when we walk, people make fun of us; they drive past, yelling out their windows, “YOU BUMS!” or “GET A JOB SO YOU CAN BUY A CAR!”, and other pleasantries I won’t repeat. I just keep walking, asking God to forgive them, because I know they are ignorant of who I really am, and what the real situation is.
But I have never been mocked by people standing at the foot of a cross I am hanging from, the cross I have CHOSEN to hang from, to suffer unimaginable pain, and to ultimately die for the very ones who are mocking me—and in the middle of all that, to ask God to forgive them, because I know they have no idea who I am, and that what is at stake here is their own souls…
So you know what?

I got NUTHIN’ to complain about.

Now here is the video I uploaded to my channel.

Well, I got chores. HAPPY EASTER YA'LL!
© Evelyn Edgett 2015