Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SNOW IS OVER! Mike And Doris Merritt

March 25, 2015

Hey ya'll, it's me.

Warm weather has FINALLY hit the mountains, and I for one am ecstatic. We spent three weeks up here snow bound, rain bound, FOG bound--honey, you name it, we were bound by it. My little 35 foot travel trailer got REALLY small when we couldn't get out and do anything. Let's face it--you can only read, bake, watch DVDs and clean so much. Soon I was cleanin' the clean off the clean, ya dig?

My 58th birthday came and went without the Redneck bein' here. Of course, that was one of those snow days, and I ended up callin' him and tellin' him to NOT try to drive up here from Texas. He came up the next weekend, however, and we had a wonderful time.

He was up here last weekend, and we got to see Mike and Doris Merritt in concert. Mike and Doris are friends we have known for a long time. We met through the Cowboy Church Rodeos. Doris was in the 80s country vocal group Girls Next Door. Now she sings with her husband Mike, as well as helping him in his pastorin' Cowboy Crossing Church, in Hugo, OK. She is a sweet, wonderful, gracious lady, and I am honored to call her friend.

They just released a new CD, called DETOURS, and it ROCKS.

You can learn more about Mike and Doris by visitin' their web site at;
and you can like them on Facebook at Merrit Cowboy Ministries. Check 'em out!

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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