Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Weather Warmin' Up, And I Will Soon Have My Horses!

January 14, 2015

Hey ya'll, it's me.

After several days of uber chilly weather, in which the ice on the top of the water barrels froze to a thickness of FIVE INCHES...

The weather has now warmed up, and will continue to do so through the weekend.


I don't mind cold, yet it can be a pain while tryin' to clean up the yard of three years worth of debris and trach from some folks partyin' while we were gone. Praise the Lord and pass the matches, cause I got a new burnin' barrel!

Good news, the Redneck will be bringin' my two horses, Fancypants and Bandy up the end of this month. I have missed my babies somethin' awful. Plus, I have no lawnmower, and my yard is really overgrown.

I'm lookin' forward to brushin', feedin', and jusr lovin' on my mare and my gelding. They probably think momma deserted them when I moved up here without them, but until the fencin' was done, it just ain't safe for them. The Redneck will keep his stud horse down there to keep workin' with him.

We are  in town today, doin' errands, and then to church. We are finally settlin' down into workable routines up here.

Well, no chores while in town, but I still got a lot to do before church, so later ya'll.
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  1. Thanks for catchin' us up Evelyn!