Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21, 2015

Hey ya'll, it's me.

Been workin' in the great outdoors for several days, and I'm more tired from that than from walkin' into town! But it's all good, cause it's lookin' more and more like home every day.

Came in for errands and church tonight. Got four new Amish novels, and a book on no-knead breads. I am gonna be SOOOOOO glad when my 60 day probation period is up, and I can check out more than five books at a time. Seriously, as fast as I read, five books a week ain't gettin' it!

Been makin' videos for my YOUTUBE channel, and workin' on one about how Bigfoot is my neighbor.

I'm serious.

REALLY serious.

Lots of noises that don't meet the "normal sounds of wildlife" category. Things that are 'a bubble off' what you just see and know that it's normal signs of wildlife.

Hey, if they are up there, I want them left in peace, and not found. Come on, that would take the fun out of the mystery, right?

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2015

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Weather Warmin' Up, And I Will Soon Have My Horses!

January 14, 2015

Hey ya'll, it's me.

After several days of uber chilly weather, in which the ice on the top of the water barrels froze to a thickness of FIVE INCHES...

The weather has now warmed up, and will continue to do so through the weekend.


I don't mind cold, yet it can be a pain while tryin' to clean up the yard of three years worth of debris and trach from some folks partyin' while we were gone. Praise the Lord and pass the matches, cause I got a new burnin' barrel!

Good news, the Redneck will be bringin' my two horses, Fancypants and Bandy up the end of this month. I have missed my babies somethin' awful. Plus, I have no lawnmower, and my yard is really overgrown.

I'm lookin' forward to brushin', feedin', and jusr lovin' on my mare and my gelding. They probably think momma deserted them when I moved up here without them, but until the fencin' was done, it just ain't safe for them. The Redneck will keep his stud horse down there to keep workin' with him.

We are  in town today, doin' errands, and then to church. We are finally settlin' down into workable routines up here.

Well, no chores while in town, but I still got a lot to do before church, so later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2015

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Emergency Dental Trip

Januarry 6, 2015

Hey ya'll, it's me.

Everything has been goin' pretty darn good around here, until last night when I felt something go 'pop' in the left side of my teeth. A tiny shard of tooth had broken off, the result of a bad filling job by a dentist back about 12 years ago. I wasn't in pain, but knew I had to see a dentist ASAP.

So at 5:30 in this a.m., we were up, and after zippin' through chores, Obie and I started down the mountain to town. We got a ride after about seven miles, and the lady dropped us off right at the Dentist's office.

I am so blessed that they weren't too busy to see me and fix the problem. And this guy is GOOD. He had me examined, numb, drilled out and a new filling popped in in less than an hour. I just found a new dentist!

Well, now we are hangin' put at the library, waitin' for a neighbor to get done here so we can ride back up the mountain with him. I plan for a simple supper and early bedtime, 'cause we gotta come back tomorrow for regular Wednesday errands like groceries, library, and Bible Study.

In town two days in a row? Wow, I am becomin' quite the gadabout!

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2015