Saturday, August 2, 2014

WHEW! Rough Few Days--God Plans WAAAAY Ahead

August 2, 2014

Hey ya'll, it's me.

Dropped the Redneck off at the church to join a group of men who are helpin' someone move to a new ain't us. Since my son went to his dad's last night, I get to spend the day playin' on the computer at Mickey D's and then yard sale a bit.

The past week since I got home was really good at first. I had really come home with a new purpose for my life, and was gettin' some things figured out. Then suddenly, it went BAD.

My beloved horse, Fancy, came down with an infection known as 'strangles'. I had never heard of it, but apparently it's REALLY dangerous. It attacks the lymphatic system and closes off the airways.

I was stunned at how quickly it happened. One minute Fancy was fine, spoiled and happy. Then within hours, she had what looked like an abscess burst just above her jaw--it looked like somethin' out of a horror film, it was so explosive. then she began to wheeze and her head was down all the time. I spent Thursday night with her in the corral, comfortin' her and prayin' that she would hold on till the vet could get there.

God and I had a LOOONG talk that night.

No, I didn't try to make any bargains with Him--that don't play. I did however tell Him I would love and praise Him no matter what happened. Oh, I pleaded for her life, BELIEVE me, but I put her in His hands.

The vet got there around 9 a.m., and he did everything possible. He had to sedate her--twice, cause she didn't like the idea of a big rubber tube goin' up her nose AT ALL. She was so loopy by the time it was done, I actually stood by her side and PUSHED her up to help her stand.

Oh yeah--I'm sore today, but it was so worth it.

Even after bein' sedated--she was so stubborn that she still had to be 'twitched', which is where they put a loop over her nose and twist it so she stands very still. Horses have really tender lips, so they get really still when that happens--and no, it ain't mean to do that--especially if it will save their lives.

Well, they got tube up her nose, flushed out all the mucus and got her cleaned out. Then she got so many shots, she should have had a breeze goin' through her.

Then *I* got the bill...



For now.

It was worth every penny, cause my baby girl is in her corral this mornin' just 2 hours later, and she is doin' great. Her 'royal pigness' demanded her breakfast, and her head is up and proud. Yup, she is the queen again.

I admit, at first I was really peeved that every dime I made last week for my show went straight into the vet's pocket.

And then...

I realized something...

All the way back on January 31st, when I got the first email about doin' a show--

God was preparin' the way for me to have the money to pay for Fancy's treatment on August 1st.

And not just the money for her treatment. He accomplished several things with what He set in motion.

He shook me out of my comfort zone. He helped me get over my fear of performin' (yes, I KNOW that sounds strange, but ya'll ain't got any CLUE as to how shy I really am). He allowed me to do some things on my own apart from the Redneck, and He helped strengthen a bond between me and another woman from our church.

And He showed me that i could actually stand before a live audience, and give a performance that not only entertained them, but gave glory to Him.

And He provided the funds to help me help my beloved horse.

So the next time you don't understand something going on--look back and see where the hand of God has been leadin' you. He may not do it the way YOU think He should--but honey--He's DOIN' IT!

Well, I got chores. later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2014

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  1. Such awesome testimony to how our Lord provides what we need ahead of time!