Thursday, January 2, 2014

Unexpected Blessin'

January 2, 2014

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Went to help out at a local charity this mornin', and got an unexpected blessin'. They were givin' out food to folks, and when they went to get a bunch of processed hams from the freezer, the hams were'nt frozen. They were fine, just weren't rock hard like they are supposed to be. The director said that even though they were probably fine, he didn't want to hand them out, to be safe. Then he looked at me and asked if I wanted them for my dogs.


Was he KIDDIN'?

I said sure, I'd take them, and loaded my and Obie's backpack down with TEN processed hams. Talk about HEAVY.

Then, I sorted through two 50 pound bags of carrots to re-bag to give out, and most of one of the bags wasn't good enough to give out, so guess whose horses are very happy right now? Yup, almost 40 pounds of carrots got brought home today, and will be given out over the next week.

I'm thankful that a lady who works there gave us a ride home--the hams alone would have been heck to carry home, not to mention the carrots in a huge mesh bag, AND some huge zucchini that were just a touch 'ugly' on one end.

So now I have nine processed hams in my freezer, ready to give out a bit at a time to my canines AND to be used in recipes, because while the hams weren't frozen, they also never got warm, so they are fine for humans to eat. I have one ham out to try cuttin' up on the meat slicer that a neighbor gave me, to see how it does as a lunch meat. The zucchini  will be trimmed and put on my curly peeler, which when turned will produce a lovely raw 'spaghetti' for lunches this week.

Good start to the year, I'd say!

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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