Tuesday, January 21, 2014

100 Videos For 100 Days--Day 1

January 21, 2014

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Yesterday, the mornin' deejays over at Air One Radio (www.air1.com), Eric and Mandy, sort of offered a 100 days challenge. Basically, you pick somethin' and do it for 100 days.

I thought about it, and decided that I will do 100 videos for my YOUTUBE channel for 100 days.

I normally just make the videos as the ideas come to me, and after I have several, I post them all at once. However, for the next 100 days, I will make and upload a video a day. I have no IDEA what I'm gonna do them on, probably more money savin' ideas that I do, possibly an outfit of the day, and I'm even thinkin' of takin' ya'll to church to see our cowboy band playin' praise and worship music on Sunday.

To get started, here is my intro video for this challenge.

So, besides no makeup, my hair not fixed, and the old work clothes...how'd I do?

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2014

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