Friday, January 24, 2014

100 Videos 100 Days--Day #4 Candle Fueled Rocket Stove

January 24, 2014

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Welcome to Day 4 of my 100 Days Challenge. This challenge is fun so far, and yet I know that at some point--it's gonna get hard to come up with ideas. Hey, after today--only 96 more to go!

This is a video that I made about an idea that I was inspired to do after watchin' Jeff Yeager's You Tube channel, The Cheap Life. BTW--congratulations to Jeff on hittin' the 20,000 subscribers mark yesterday. I only have 7 right now, but I know I'll give Jeff a run for is money...someday.

Okay, Jeff had done a video on stayin' warm cheaply, and one of the things he shows is how to make a space heater usin' candles and flower pots (just watch the video--it makes more sense if you see it).

Ever since I learned about this idea, I ave wanted to try it. However, right now I have no flower pots, and I refuse to run around tryin' to find one in January. My motto is;

"Don't spend money--spend time thinkin'."


I have plenty of candles. Folks give them to me all the time. If there is a glitch in how they burn, I fix them and they work fine. It may only take cuttin' the tall wax off around the wick so you can reach it with the flame.

So, candles but no flower pots....

Well, you can see what I did here, and while yes, I agree, I should not be left alone too often to think of these kinds of things...

Ya hafta admit--it's kind of clever what I came up with--AND IT WORKS.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2014

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