Saturday, December 28, 2013

Why Are You Here?

December 29, 2013

Hey ya'll, it's me!

The title of this post is not the typical, 'meanin' of life' question. If you are a Christian, then you know why you are here. If you are not, well then you have a lot to learn, and I ain't exactly the wisest person to teach ya.

No, what I mean is...

Why are you HERE, on this blog, readin' what I have to say?

This question occurred to me a lot since I got a twitter account, and now I find folks who don't even KNOW me are followin' me.

I know I've talked about this briefly before, so this is kinda a rehash on my way to makin' a point.

I began to ask folks, "What makes you want to follow me, of all people, here on twitter?"

I got a few answers. One was "Why not?"

Okay, sure.

Another gentleman told me that I seem to actually care about my followers as individuals, tryin' to connect with them one to one.

Nice answer, but I think he's givin' me way too much credit...

Then I got to thinkin',

"Why are YA'LL readin' this blog?

I know why some of ya'll read it--you are friends of mine, and this is a way you can keep up with my comin's and goin's since I left FACEBOOK. Some of ya'llfind me through GOOGLE searches, lookin' for some type of info, and I just happen to come up.

But most of ya'll--I have no IDEA why you want to read my posts. I really want to know what my ramblin's have to offer for folks in Latvia, Korea, Britain, and The Isle Of Man.

I want to know WHO YA'LL ARE.

Come on--ya'll know who I am, it's only fair you let me know somethin' about ya'll.

It's cool to say I have over 20,000 hits on my blog--but without knowin' anything about the folks who do the hittin'--the numbers don't mean anything. I read recently that havin' large numbers of followers don't make you a better person; Hitler had millions--Jesus had 12.


I want QUALITY in my web experience. I don't care how many folks are readin' this blog--I want to know that however many it is--that what I say is impactin' their lives for Christ. Maybe I don't put things the 'proper' way, but I want to let ya'll know that I care for each of you.

I wanna know who is readin' my posts--I wanna be able to pray for the ones who take the time to come here and visit with me. I pray now, but it's more of a corporate "God, bless 'em all".

So please, for the year of 2014--if you show up here--PLEASE, leave a comment and let me know somethin' about YOU.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2013


  1. I am here because I am drawn to people who are happy to be themselves, to be the unique wonderful people our Heavenly Father designed them to be. Despite the fact I like teapots and bunnies and Victorian paintings Tec, my husband and I are unconventional and non legalistic. We refer to God as Dad and we delight in being his children, and resting in his easy yoke.

  2. LOVE IT! I also love teapots--I just can't have them due to the fact that when i try to actually have a 'tea time'--if I don't put the wolves outside, they bump the table in hopes of a few treats hittin' the floor. So the tea set I made up from pieces that I found and friends sent me were passed onto someone with a much more 'genteel' lifestyle!

  3. Whoever came up with 'the big bad wolf'--never met my three. More like 'big weenie wolf'.