Friday, December 6, 2013

Sleetpalooza Today!

December 6, 2013

Hey ya'll, it's me!

It is COOOOOLLLLDDDDDD here in the great state of Texas today, folks. 32 degrees is the HIGH for the day. The sleet was so bad when we woke up this mornin', you couldn't tell where the yard ended and the road began. Since I value my Redneck's carcass a lot--he didn't drive to work, since he has been transferred some time ago from around the corner to 40 MILES away to go to work. That is just too risky to allow my Beloved to drive in this weather.

(Okay, HE made the decision, not me, but I wanted ya'll to know just how much I care for his carcass...)

So, we stayed in bed a little longer than usual, until the dogs went berserk to go potty outside. I made breakfast--the menu included this new bread I made recently....I may never buy bread again, it is so easy and so good. It tastes great and slices like a dream. You can find it on  Seriously, try it.

After breakfast, we fed the critters, and lemme tell ya, feedin' the horses was fun. The ground is covered with a sleet that has frozen into a solid sheet, and my cowboy boots just kept slliiiiiiiidin' along. Then my geldin' , Bandy, decided to get all spooked over the winter gear we were wearin', so I took my scarf and gloves off, so he could see it was just Momma and not some big scary monster tryin' to give him hay. I never thought I would go to that extreme for a horse, but I do. My ears were frozen and my hair soaked with freezin' rain, but he calmed down and ate like nothin' was wrong.

When we were done, it was back into the house and the Redneck decided to do a little online work, so Obie and I commandeered the kitchen. I had cleaned the house thoroughly yesterday, and I didn't have a lot to do today. So I baked.

And baked...

Aaaaaannnnnnd I baked.

I made chocolate chip cookies, blueberry bread, and cornbread. I also heated up homemade chili that I had in the freezer, so we would have somethin' for lunch.

Right now, I don't wanna SEE food, let alone EAT any. One of the great things about cookin' is you get to taste stuff as you go. One of the BAD things is....

you taste EVERYTHING.

Oh well.

So, I'm done bakin', the kitchen is cleaned up, and the guys are watchin' THE MUMMY RETURNS on dvd. My big plans once I finish this post is a nap.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is FOOD CO-OP DAY. BRRRRRRR! Not lookin' forward to unloadin' that truck and distributin' food in this weather, but I know they are gonna need help, so I'm showin' up.

Real quick, Leigha and I are attendin' a coupon class on Monday night. It's supposed to be a real beginner's class, so I'm lookin' forward to it. Will let ya know if it's worth it, and maybe pass on some things I learn.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2013

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