Monday, December 23, 2013

Quiet Day--Christmas Play & More Free Goodies From Friends

December 23, 2013

Hey ya'll, it's me!

The year is dwindlin' down little by little, and we are enjoyin' the days the Redneck is off from work. He's snoozin' right now, Obie is listenin' to music, and I'm playin' online while I wait for laundry to finish. I'm not doin' a huge cleanin' of the house--just catchin' up a bit from the weekend. I may do a bigger cleanin' job tomorrow, but who knows?

Friday, my buddy Jana cut my hair and it looks good. Really, it's an interim cut, while I wait for other areas to grow the right length so she can cut my hair in a style that I decided I wanted. It may take a few months to get there, but in the meantime, this cut will do.

However, if you look at the new profile photo, I look, in my opinion...

...depressingly respectable...

I guess that yeah, I look more 'authorly', and professional, which will help as I get my public speakin' career off the ground in 2014.

And yet I will be thrilled when the hair grows back out and I have my new 'do'.

Obie had his stage 'debut' in the Christmas play at church, and he did well. He was a part of the chorus, even though he doesn't sing. He was needed as a filler. All the kids did great, and of course, there were a couple who just couldn't resist bein' a bit silly, but it was adorable.

A friend just called--she has two huge bags of jeans for me to go through, and she'll drop them off at church after the new year. Great, 'cuz I need some new jeans.

Oh, Oh, OH!

Almost forgot to tell ya'll, another lady at church brought in a pair of lace up women's western style boots yesterday, and she gave them to me! They are two tone brown, with the little fringe around the toe, and they FIT! I love them, and when I learned that she had worn them for her wedding several years ago, I was honored. Ya see, that's one of the reasons I love gettin' used stuff--there is always a story with the item that makes it a little more special.

Well, I got chores. MERRY CHRISTMAS, YA'LL!
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  1. Ok, I giggled way too much at the term, "depressingly respectable," lol! And then realized that....I think I really like that term, lol! I wonder what that says about me? (laughing) The boots sound lovely ~ just the kind of thing that you can wear with most anything at all. Love it! I hope you're having a wonderful and very Merry Christmas!

  2. Back atcha, Miz. V! I dunno, I just prefer to look a tad....'respectably risque', if you will. The Redneck prefers that too.