Friday, December 13, 2013

Oh Dear, It Seems I've Gone Over To The 'Dark Side'...

December 13, 2013

My buddy Leigha recently gave me an old SCENTSY wax burner she had. I had wanted to try one, but couldn't bring myself to buy one. This one has a small crack in the base, but it works fine, and I could see what they were like...




I have this one in the livin' room, and I had some samples of wax cubes I got from someone else, and my gosh, the livin' room now smells HEAVENLY. Even if I can't open windows to air out the place due to the cold weather.

I see why these things are so popular, and since none of my family has any allergies, I can see how they would make the house a tad cozier and homey.


I still can;t afford to buy any of these, however, there are a few Christmas parties we will be goin' to, and I KNOW there will be SCENTSYs in the gift exchanges. So I'm goin' for them.

Christmas exchange will be an Olympic sport this year.

Seriously, can you imagine a church Christmas party bein' busted due to a SCENTSY smackdown?

Move over, WWE, I'm takin' down the elder's wife over that SCENTSY!

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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