Sunday, December 15, 2013

No SCENTSY Smackdown, Unexpected Windfall

December 15, 2013

Wouldn't ya just know it--last night at the Christmas party gift exchange...

Not. One. SCENTSY.

None, nadda, zippity do dah.


However, I did have a friend bring me a lot of new wax melts for the warmer I do have, and they smell great. There's a blackberry, strawberry, pineapple, and...leather.

Leather? I dunno who came up with that one, but it does smell like leather, and when ya have horses and saddles and such--leather is a great scent.

Okay, movin' on.

The weather has FINALLY calmed down, and the ice has melted away, so it no  longer looks like the Arctic Circle had moved south. We can get out of the house and do things now, and so the cabin fever has abated. I did get quite a lot done while the weather was bad, at least until I had a rash of readin' fever. Then I just lay on the couch and read several novels that had been waitin' around for such a time this, when the pace slowed down enough to really get into a good tome. I got the basics done and my family fed, but I spent a lot of time with literary characters for a few days.

Last night's party was fun, and we got to enjoy some good food and fellowship. We sang Christmas songs, and since our preacher wasn't able to come due to recoverin' from knee surgery, we called him and his lovely wife, and sang to them over the phone.

An unexpected pleasure was when one of the ladies came up and handed The Redneck the key to her car, and told us, "There are two king sized comforters and six hand crocheted afghans in the trunk. I thought you would like them."


We put them into the truck and when we got home, we found two huge, GORGEOUS comforters in perfect condition (honestly, I wouldn't expect any less from this lady. She has great taste, the money to indulge it, and she takes very good care of her belongin's.), along with the afghans, which were in plastic packagin', and obviously never used. Apparently, her mom and sister had been avid yarn freaks, and they made a ton of these goodies, then passed on, leavin' them behind. She told me that she had them in storage for a long time, then decided to give them to me to find new homes for.

And those comforters?

I have had two smaller blankets on my bed for several years, and while they have done the jog, I have always yearned for a nice comforter that was big enough to not need a second blanket.

I got it! There is one that has swaths of colors that I like, and I put it on our bed last night. It was perfect. My bed is a queen, so the king sized comforter hangs over almost like a bedspread, and it was toasty, but not too heavy .

I haven't yet decided the other comforter's fate, and yet I know where the afghans are headed. They are lovely, so I have decided to use them as gifts for several folks. I had wanted to give a gift to some folks, yet there was no way I had the money this year. Now I have lovely handmade gifts to give to my favorite peeps.

Also, the gift I drew in the exchange last night was perfect for a neighbor to receive, since I don't decorate a lot for Christmas, but she goes all out. She has been a great help to our family, callin' if one of our horses gets into the wrong pasture, and I know that when she drives by early in the mornin' on her way to work, she prays for the folks in the houses she goes by. She also calls me when she has things to purge, and I take them and find new homes for them.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2013


  1. Dear Evelyn,

    I love how you share what the Lord has blessed you with~ He does provide! I'm glad you'll be toasty warm this winter, and that everyone was safe during the ice storm. If little Hyrum lets me, I'll be sending Christmas greetings your way today.



    1. I've got some things I've been trying to get sent to you since....oh....summer! lol--I will get them in the mail as soon as I can...maybe for your birthday in April! Much love, Evelyn