Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mavis At One Hundred Dollars A Month

December 1, 2013

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Obie came back from his dad's around 3 yesterday, and life became 'normal' again--at least as normal as this bunch gets! The canines were all happy to have him home, and he was obviously glad to be bck where life is a bit quieter, since his father has several stepkids and grandkids, and I understand it gets a bit 'loud' at times. Nothin' against it, however if you are used to a quieter way of life, it can get a bit nerve wrackin'.

Wanted to let ya'll know about a blogger named Mavis whom I've been readin' and watchin' lately. Her blog is 100 Dollars a Month, and you can find a link to her down at the right of my blog.

I found her through Pinterest, and then I just got hooked. This lovely lady decided to cut down her grocery budget, and through several strategies, she succeeded. She gardens, coupons, barters and gets 'reclaimed' produce from the grocery store. She is funny and honest, and I think ya'll will like her a lot. Please check her out at

One of the cool things she shows is how to 'pallet garden'. I had never heard of this, and when I finally began to grasp the concept, I began to get excited. This is a form of gardenin' similar to Mel Bartholomew's SQUARE FOOT GARDENING. I have tried many types of gardenin', and just couldn't get it to work. However, pallet gardenin' appeals to me more than any before, so I'm gonna give it a try this spring. I will at least try herbs in this format, and probably still do tomatoes and peppers in buckets on the porch. I'll keep ya posted as I plan for next year.

Speakin' of plannin', yesterday I was at the hardware store, and I found the new 2014 calendars they give away were out, so I snagged two. One has a gardenin' theme that went in my kitchen, while the other was photos of deer and other wildlife, so that goes in the office.

I also have my homemakin' binder comin' along nicely--after how long of workin' to get it together? I'll try to do a photo reveal of what it looks like soon. I'm even workin' on my new coupon binder! I keep this up, I'll organize myself out of a job!

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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