Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gettin' BIZZLE for SHIZZLE--2014 Goals--Adventures In Couponin'...And Pig Stomachs

December 18, 2013

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Okay, I'm extremely thankful that I have internet at home, because ya'll probably wouldn't hear from me for while otherwise. Ya see, our local library is shut down due to the ceilin' fallin' in durin' that big ice storm we had. They ain't gonna be open for a while.

Life is gettin' busy around here, so posts will be sporadic for a time. I'm just sayin'.

Sunday after church, my friend Leigha and I went on our first coupon excursion. We were pretty disorganized (me worse than her), and yet we did the followin',

At ALBERSTONS, Leigha snagged $109 worth of groceries for about $70. I got over $70 worth for about $38. At BROOKSHIRES, I spent around $25, and Leigha only spent $9 for about $30.

Not bad for bein' disorganized, huh?

When we get organized...we will be DANGEROUS. {{GRIN}}

Leigha is in Utah vistin' family until after Christmas, and she gave me an assignment to finish cuttin' and orgaizin' my coupons. I'm workin' on it.

We also met a young woman at ALBERTSONS named Rachel who is also learnin' this coupon stuff, and she gave Leigha her number so we can all go shoppin' together. That way we have three pairs of eyes lookin' to spot markdowns and other bargains.

Speakin' of bargains, I snagged two cases of CHOBANI GREEK YOGURT out of the dumpster at the food bank this mornin'. It was expired by just a bit, but we can't give it out like that, so into the dumpster it went. Another lady and I just went and grabbed it--she took one case and I got the other two. Brought them home and put six in the fridge, and the rest went into the freezer, to be used as smoothie makin's, or even as the milk in a muffin recipe.

Another goody I got today was three frozen pig stomachs. I may try to find a way to fix them for us, but most likely I will put one a month into the crock pot, and slow cook it overnight, with a bit of water. When it's done, I will chop up the meat, and mix it and the broth with rice, and my canines will ADORE me for a month.

I'm workin' on my goals for 2014. It's not that long a list, mostly continuin' to work towards goals set for 2013. I found a cool printout at It's a 2014 GOALS printout, broken down into three months at a time, and with three categories--Spiritual, Physical, and Home.

Under Spiritual I wrote;

  • Spend time each mornin' with God's Word and in prayer.
  • Memorize 1 scripture verse a week.
  • Spend more time givin' and servin' others.
  • Forgivin' others and seekin' forgiveness.
Under Physical;
  • Walk 1 hour a day
  • Clean up diet again--more fruit and veg, fewer carbs.
  • Finish settin' up TOTAL GYM and work out three days a week.
  • Visit Chiropractor at least once a month.
  • Get a massage at least once a month.
  • Continue keepin' house clean and organized.
  • Purge, purge, PURGE.
  • Do 1 project per month, inside and outside.
  • Clean yard--prepare for pallet garden
  • Plan menus and prepare even more food from scratch
  • Continue to learn about and apply couponin'--build pantry
  • Make sure that The Redneck and Obie are comfortable at home.
Not too taxin', do ya think?That is just for January through March. I really like this cuttin' it all up into smaller segments.

In case I haven't mentioned it--I have a YOUTUBE channel now. Just look up Bible Babe Channel (and no, I am NOT the weird channel that does political stuff), and you can laugh at me makin' a total fool out of myself as I try to pass on useful information on how to do things and save money. When you're done laughin', please subscribe and leave a comment.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2013

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