Monday, December 9, 2013

Doggone Dog Is Down

December 9, 2013

Sorry, won't be a real post today--I have sick watch over my oldest dog, Punky. She's not feelin' well, has a cough, and I get really Florence Nightingale when she's feeling poorly. She's over 16 years old, with few teeth, and her arthritis demands a baby aspirin now and then, but most of the time she does great. She recently chased down a rabbit, and ATE it. Not bad for an old broad.

She was a dumped dog who was picked up by a rescue over 13 years ago, adopted out to some folks we knew, and then four months later, THEY were about to dump her AGAIN. Said they just didn't have the 'same desire' to have a dog they had when they got her.

Let's just say I flipped out on them, and leave it at that...

I brought Punky to live with us. She was over 4 years old then, and we have had her ever since. She is sweet, cranky, and hilarious with smaller dogs who bother her. She will get them down and sit on them, nipping at their rear ends, until they sort of yelp "uncle!", then she lets them go.

So, I'll be playin' nurse to her for a time until she feels better.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.

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