Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Almost Over--Project for 2014--The Year Of Barter

December 31, 2013

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Gee, this is the last time I will type 2013 a the beginnin' of a post. I'm stoked for the new year to begin, how 'bout ya'll?

I have decided that at our house, 2014 will be THE YEAR OF BARTER. After readin' Mavis' One Hundred Dollars A Month blog (www.onehundreddollarsamonth.com), I have been inspired to do several things. Yet barter has truly caught my eye as a viable method of obtainin' what my family needs without forkin' over our hard earned cash.

I have begun a list of items we have that no longer meet our needs or things we just no longer want. This list will be printed up and circulated at church to begin with, so folks can see what is available. Then if they see something they want, they can make a offer of an item THEY no longer need or want, and we can go from there. The true fun of barter ain't when ya say, "I got this--I want that." Nope, the fun is when you say "I got this--what do YOU have?" You open up possibilities you never dreamed of that way.

I also want to try and organize a 'swap meet' at the church arena grounds, where everyone brings items and then folks can look over everything and take what they want or need. At the end, if there are things left--they get bagged or boxed up and donated to a local charity or thrift store. That way folks don't have to drag any of the stuff back home, and a local organization gets a much needed donation. I was thinkin' we might charge folks $5 to participate, and that would go towards the church buildin' fund.

Win, win, I figure.

As a massage therapist, I have often bartered a bodywork session for other services, like gettin' my hair done, or even gettin' a massage myself. I'll be talkin'  to different folks around town, seein' if they might be willin' to trade for a simple chair massage, since I have a travel chair that I use to work on folks.

At times I've also traded my labor for goods, like when I help clean out closets, sheds and barns. Gonna see if there are some crowded garages that need emptyin' and organizin'.

At the food coop that Leigha and I do--I'll start offerin' produce that we're not fond of to other participants to see if I can snag fruits and veg that our family does like. I may even attempt to trade for some of the tortillas that some folks order--they are that good..

Okay, well, that all sounds like a plan that just might work. I'll keep ya'll updated on barters as they occur, hopefully with photos or videos.

© Evelyn Edgett 2013

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