Monday, November 4, 2013

Things May Be Hectic For A Time...

November 4, 2013

I will be busy helpin' a lady at our church for a time, along with my regular busy schedule, so posts may become sporadic for a time (again). I will post as I have time.

Turns out that while helpin' at the church work day Saturday, the Redneck spoke with one lady about some trouble she was havin', and he pointed her out the next day at church, sayin', "Go talk with her--she needs your help bad."


So I sat with her, and learned that her family will be movin' out of state soon, and her husband is out of state to get things ready, and she needs to have a yard sale to get rid of a lot of things so they can sell the house, and she has never had a yard sale, nor has she ever even BEEN to one, but she is in a spot where she has to do this, and, and, and....

Honestly, I didn't know whether to hug her or smack her.

I held up my hand and said, "Okay, hon, calm down, we can do this. I will help you."

I proceeded to tell her what I could do to help her in the process to get ready, and she looked like she was gonna cry, she was so relieved to have someone who not only COULD help, but who WANTED to help.

She asked, "Will you help me during the sale? Because I don't know how to handle people who don't want to pay what I ask, and if they start to bully me...."

Again, I thought about whackin' her upside the head, however, I restrained myself.

I told her that yes, I would help her with the sale, and if anyone begn harassin' her, she was to point me out, and say,

"You need to speak with THAT lady over there."

Turns out, she has a 3 story home and a big shop buildin' to go through, and she has no IDEA how to sort, purge, arrange, price, etc.

So, my son and I will be dropped off in the mornin' by the Redneck as he goes to work, and we will begin the process of gettin' this all done.

In the meantime, I need to get stuff done here so I don't fall behind at home. I will need patience and a good attitude. This lady is very sweet, and I think the world of her, but she is kinda helpless and lost at this point in her life, so I am gonna need as much prayer as I can get while this is goin' on.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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