Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tasteful Tuesday--At Home With Nikki

November 12, 2013

Wow, I am always amazed when life gets uber busy around here. When things slow down again, I find myself, goin', "now where was I?"

You too?

Anyway, this week got off to a great start. The great part is--I HAVE A VACCUM CLEANER!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! No more gettin' down on my hands and knees with a horse groomin' brush to 'sweep' my carpets!

A lady at church gave me two that she had found in a house she is renovatin'. She said she didn't know if they worked, but I could try them and see. I took them home, emptied them out, and found that both work, but the big KENMORE needs a belt. I put it away to try when I get a belt for it, and now I'm usin' a BISSELL. It has been SOOOOOO nice to just vaccum my carpets. I tried a homemade carpet freshener, made with 2 cups cornmeal and 1 cup borax. It worked great--I even added a little essential oil.

Okay, Tasteful Tuesday.

This week, I want to introduce ya'll to a lovely YOUTUBER named Nikki. Her channel is AtHomeWithNikki. She has another called AtWorkWithNikki. She is a great resource for 'tasteful' decoratin', dinin', organizin' and entertainin'.

Here is one of her videos that really helped me figure out how to do my housework in an easy, quick way, so I don't have to spend hours keepin' a nice house.

Isn't that great? Here too, is a video on how to make your house 'sparkle'--I LOVED this one!

See why I included her on Tasteful Tuesday? I have tried these little 'sparkle' tips, and you won't BELIEVE what a difference a little soft bristle toothbrush will do for a TV remote! I have several toothbrushes stashed around the house to quickly touch up electronics, dust off a decoration, and whip around a sink and faucet. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE, FOLKS!
Check her channel out--you won't be dissapointed.
Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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