Saturday, November 2, 2013

Slump Over--New Pantry In The Works

November 2, 2013

Well, apparently my 'slump' has ended, and I am back to bein' my usual busy, effervescent, productive self.

Oh, and cute. Let us NEVER forget that. (wink)

I ended up makin' a new bedskirt for my bed, cleanin' the house, and movin' stuff around in the office. The closet where we were keepin' the Redneck's big tool box is now empty. He took the tool box to his job and now he has all the things he needs to do his work, and *I* have another storage space!

I think I've decided to use it as extra pantry space. My little pantry in the kitchen is okay, but after havin' an entire room in my old cabin in the mountains--I have trouble with the typical pantry in most homes.

I brought my "Wall Of Wonders" shelf from the old kitchen, and since the "Wonders" are now in the kitchen cupboards, I can use the big shelf as pantry organization in the closet. We took the doors off so we could get the tool box in, and I think I'll leave them off. Instead, I'm lookin' at hangin' simple curtains from a rod to close it off, yet keep it easy access.

I should even have room for my cleanin' supplies--brooms, mop, etc on the side when I have this set up.

I'm gettin' a bit excited at the prospect of a bigger pantry. It will give me a chance to check out more videos on YOUTUBE and some ideas on Pinterest. I'm not interested in makin' the containers all coordinated and modpodged labels, although there is nothin' wrong with that. If you have the time and talent, I say go for it.

Me, however--I want the stuff in my life to be like the men in  my life...

They ain't gotta be pretty--THEY JUST HAVE TO WORK.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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