Friday, November 15, 2013

News From Nikki--Guardin' Your Home

November 15, 2013

It's been a hectic week. Not a BAD week, just a bit hectic. With the weather as unstable as it's been, and all the little things that pop up, I have been sorta distracted.

So, to catch up...

First, ya'll recall my postin' about the lovely Nikki Boyd and her channel, AT HOME WITH NIKI on YOUTUBE? Well, as a courtesy, I like to send folks an email to let them know I'm supportin' and promotin' them. I sent one to her, and didn' think anything more about it.

Imagine my surprise the next mornin', when I received not one but TWO emails back, sayin' that she appreciated my post, and that she was subscribin' to my blog, AND she was givin' me a shout out on her FACEBOOK page!


Talk about encouragin' me!

Okay, movin' on--

I have read several blogs that speak about 'Guardin' Our Homes'. I understand a lot of what they are sayin'--makin' sure our homes are havens for our families, a place to use hospitality for others to show the love of Jesus, basically, makin' our homes a sanctuary.

However, as Christians, and especially as women, we sometimes feel the urge to 'rescue' folks, and so we invite them into our homes and our lives. If you're spiritually mature, firmly rooted in Christ, and have the approval and support of your husband--I say go for it.

Recently, the need to guard my own little domicile has risen. I thought I would tell ya'll about it, so you can see a practical application of this principal.

I have an unfortunate tendency to attract people who have no desire to be better in life, who will instead DRAIN the life out of everyone who will let them. I'll be honest--when we moved back to Texas, that Redneck of mine told me he was concerned that I would allow folks like this into our lives again, since as he puts it, "Baby, admit it--you are FLYPAPER FOR FREAKS."

I always want to AFFECT folk's lives for Jesus. However, if I am not careful, my family's life becomes INFECTED with the insanity of their lives. I'm a lot like the women in the 2 Timothy 3:6

"For some of these are people who creep into houses, and take captive gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts,"

Oh yeah, I can be soooo gullible at times. I just can't understand why folks would lie and drag others into their crazy.

So the Redneck and I have made a deal. I don't make new friends without his 'vettin' them. I can be friendly, nice, and talk to these folks--but they DON'T become a prt of our lives without his approval. He has a much better sense of discernment than I do when it comes to folks, and ANYTIME I have ignored his counsel--we got burned.

So, things in this area of life have been goin' pretty well for the past couple of years. I have just been so busy doin' what needs to be done, well, let's just say Satan has had a hard time gettin' anybody into my path to put me in a situation where I need to guard the home. The friends I have here in my area are mostly folks I have known for years, or are church related, so I can be sort of relaxed.


A few weeks ago, I met a woman at the local grocery store. She seemed okay, and while talkin' I learned that she has a small organic farm not far from me, and we found that we both like to save money, garden, alternative health, etc.

Didn't think much about it, and so when we ran into each other again at the store, she offered Obie and I a ride home. Since I was behind schedule, I agreed, and she even came into my house to use the restroom. Again, no real danger signals, but my 'Spidey Sense' began to tingle a little.

On Monday, We were again at the store, and there she was. We talked for a bit while waitin' for the butcher to put out any marked down meats from the weekend, and the Spidey Sense was gettin' stronger, especially when I noticed that the folks who work in the store were reactin' oddly to the woman. Again she offered a ride home, and again I agreed.

When we got home, she again asked if she could use my restroom. Then she asked for a glass of water.


...she wouldn't LEAVE.

Seriously, there I am, puttin' stuff away, movin' around my kitchen, doin' stuff and tryin' to be nice, while also tryin' to work her towards the door--


Now, don't get me wrong, I tried to look at the possibilty that she might simply be lonely and need someone to talk to, but there was never any POINT to what she said. It was all just a ploy to spend time in my house.

Can you hear those warnin' bells gongin' in the background?

I was extremely uncomfortable with her in my home this time. I felt as if I was bein' drained and well, POKED in some way. It was as if she was tryin' to... 'stir me up', so to speak.

Oh no--been there, done that--NOT GOIN' BACK THERE AGAIN.

I had a 'friend' who anytime she heard that I was contented and happy, she would tell me somethin' to get me agitated about what was wrong in HER life. She actually tried to make me feel guilty because
I was happy and she wasn't. When I would no longer play the game, she became an actually danger to my family. It took a long time to extricate myself from her influence, and not without her tryin' to 'get back at me' for walkin' away.

So. once the woman was finally gone, I prayed that God would keep her outta my life, because I am NOT mature enough to deal with that type of person. They need help, yes, but *I* ain't qualified to counsel them.

The next day, I was back at the store, and I took an employee aside and asked her to be honest with me about the woman. I learned about many of her habits with folks, and learned that she was a bad 'user' of people. My instincts were right.

I told the Redneck about the situation, and we decided that while we don't want to have her in our lives, we also don't want to hurt her feelin's. There is never an excuse to be rude. Not sayin' I ain't rude at times...there is just never an excuse to do so.

So we agreed to try first just adjustin' my schedule, where I'm in the store at a different time than she is. If I DO encounter her, I will be nice and talk with her some, without givn' any type of interaction that would imply an invitation to move further into my life. If she offers a ride home, I will reply that while it is appreciated, the main reason we walk home is to get exercise, so I will have to say no.

If she persists, I will then pull out the 'power play'. I will tell her that my husband simply doesn't like to have folks in our home that he has not met, and since I had already had her to my home twice without his doin' so, I was bein' disrespectful of my husband's authority, and I couldn't do that anymore.

If she is okay with that, great. If she gets angry, well, sorry, Charlie.

Ladies--guard your homes, and by extension, your families. Take the time to discern the spirits of the folks you encounter. I know it's temptin' to make friends with the first person who shows an interest, especially when you are lonely--again, been there, done that. Makin' friends is like findin' a man--you want the RIGHT one, not just any old one who smiles at you. I have learned that if you wait it out and pray--God will provide you with REAL friends, ones who will uplift you in your Christian walk--not tear you down.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2013


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