Saturday, November 9, 2013

My 'Day Off' Ain't Happenin'--Video How Tos From Moi And Another

November 9, 2013

Today was supposed to be my day off. My son went to his father's for the weekend, the Redneck went to work at the church for the day as the new arena is bein' built, and I was supposed to be here at home, makin' hard decisions, like... I take a nap on the couch or the bed?


...didn't happen...

I woke up, realized I needed to get animal feed, run put money on my phone and internet, buy sime things for my homemakin' binder (I WILL get that finished--I WILL!), and do some grocery shoppin', since I am tryin' out a bulk cookin' recipe from Do It On A Dime Channel on YOUTUBE.

Oh yeah, I need to make some blank books for sale, AANNNNNND I promised a gentleman at church that I would definately have a new poem to read durin' the service.

Oh, that cryin' you hear....{{sniff}} that's me watchin' my nap chances flyin' out the window...

So, the Redneck got dropped off at the church, I zipped off to pay on utilities, bought horse and dog food, grabbed some office supplies, and swung buy the grocery store to get some food shoppin' done.

Got home, fed everybody, unloaded the truck, got the groceries put away, started the rice and beans for the bulk cookin', made a quick video about how to wrap food for the freezer in a pinch, and now I'm takin' a quick break to post while I wait on the ingredients to finish cookin'.


Anyway, I wanted to share Do It On A Dime's video about bulk cookin' burritos. I love to watch her channel, she is cute and charmin', and she has a lot of good ideas that inspire me.

They look good, and they look easy--BIG part of the appeal.
Also, I want to share my little video about how to wrap meat for the freezer when you don't have baggies. I think the video turned out okay--I'm learnin' as I go.

Someone asked why don't I get in front of the camera? I ain't makin' these things to show how gorgeous I am. I'm tryin' to inspire folks to think outside the established box, to come up with ways of doin' things that work for them.
Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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