Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tasteful Tuesday, And Prowley Snooker

October 1, 2013

Welcome to Tasteful Tuesday!

Yup, I decided to try addin' another topic to my little corner of the internet, and felt that Tasteful Tuesday might be fun.

Now, Tasteful can be a couple of things. It can mean 1) having, showing, or being in keeping with good taste, or 2) pleasing in flavor; tasty. I think that I will leave it open for either definition--it will make it more varied and fun.

Like today, I want to introduce ya'll to one of my absolute favorite quick treats to make:


Years ago, I was readin' THE MOTHER EARTH NEWS, and I came across a page with a letter from a gentleman named Prowley Snooker. It described how he wanted apple pie one day, and...

...well, I'll just let ya'll read Prowley's own words--he tells it so well.

Dear Mom,

Divine inspiration hits us all one time or other. Mine came after toting 100 pounds of food uphill to our cabin. I was fighting off exhaustion with the thought of the hot apple pie we'd have for supper, but at the top, my lady informed me you can't bake pies on a woodstove without chopping down a half acre of God's own trees for fuel. My depression was HEWMONGUS, and I shuffled downhill for a second load. Then the Great Spirit came to the rescue, saying, "Country pie freak, despair not, but slice and parboil your softest apples and add brown sugar and cinnamon in the righteous fashion . . . then make light brown toast . . . slice up strips of goodly cheese, lay them around the perimeter of the toast, dump your apple mix in the center, and cap with another toast . . . then fry in a buttered skillet till the cheese melts and becomes a sealer . . . behold . . . hot pie sandwich!"

Back at the hilltop, I related the vision to my lady, who forthwith made it reality. We were fulfilled!

Now, is that cool or what? Just the way he writes is a delight, and I still have the original page from MOTHER EARTH NEWS, safely matted and framed in my kitchen.

I never found anything else about Prowley Snooker or his good lady, but I hope he lived a good long life, filled with apple pie 'sammiches'.  Goodness knows, they are a favorite at our house!

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2013


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