Monday, October 7, 2013

Meditation Monday--Is God's Word An Urgent Need?

October 7, 2013

Runnin' a little late on postin' today--had the Redneck drop us off at the grocery store on his way to work, thinkin' Obie and I would snag some marked down meat and other goodies, then walk home.

However, we ran into a lady who has a small organic farm not far from us, and we got to talkin' as we shopped, and she ended up bringin' us home and seein' my massage studio, then she wanted to get a massage this mornin', and I ain't passin' up makin' money when things are a little tight right now, so...

You get the picture.

My post for this mornin' comes from Psalm 119, verses 45 and 94:

Psalm 119:45

"And I will walk at liberty and at ease, for I have sought and inquired for [and desperately required] Your precepts."

Psalm 119:94

"I am Yours, therefore save me [Your own]; for I have sought (inquired of and for) Your precepts and required them as my urgent need."

I have those verses highlighted and the words you see in bold and underlined are circled in my Bible.

I read them again this weekend, and I had to ask myself--

Do I still urgently need and desperately require God's precepts? Or have I let my study of His Word become slapdash and intermittent as I go about my day?

Um....sorry to's the latter.

When did my hunger--my NEED to be in His Word slack off?

I can pretty much point to it beginnin' to happen while we were goin' through some tough times after movin' back to Texas. The distractions of dealin' with weird schedule changes and settin' up a new lifestyle after havin' been livin' real simply for so many years got in the way of my Bible study.

Also, there are so many distractions in the form of things to do and places to go and folks to visit...

Yeah, I know--excuses.

 The truth is, I just got lazy--the distractions were real enough, but I CHOSE to let them get in the way of readin' and studyin' the Bible.

So I slacked off for a long time, with the occasional half hearted attempt to make a time and stick with it for devotions, but not really upset if something came along to break my concentration.

But ya know what?

When you have switched to real, healthy, whole foods for a long time and then fall back into munchin' on a lot of junk food, your body will begin to rebel, givin' you fits, because it wants the GOOD stuff back.

Apparently, your spirit also gets to a point where it wants God's Word back, instead of novels, movies, internet, and other types of spiritual 'junk food'. Not sayin' those things are bad--they just don't give your spirit what it NEEDS, whereas God's Word nourishes your soul, spirit, mind, and in many cases, your physical body as well.

So now I'm cravin' Bible readin' and study, and I intend to give in to that cravin', 'cause it is becomin' an urgent need.

So I'm gonna go print out the readin schedule from, for the 90 Day Extreme Bible Reading Plan. Then I'm gonna put in my Bible, and startin' this afternoon, I'm gonna take the time to read through God's Word again, and begin to feast upon the Livin' Water.

I would love it if ya'll would join me in this, and please leave a comment on how you're doin'.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2013

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