Sunday, October 20, 2013

17 YEARS TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 20, 2013

Just a quick note to let ya'll know that the Redneck and I are havin' our 17th year anniversary today! Oh, I LOVE THAT MAN!

I thank God for him, even on the days that I don't like him.

He loves me and my son, he takes us to church, he works hard, sometimes at jobs he has hated, he is generous, he loves God and is active in our church.

He is loyal, protective, and funny.

And after all these years...'s still a privilege to walk behind him when he's wearin' WRANGLERS...

Love ya Baby!

© Evelyn Edgett


  1. Happy Happy Anniversary!!! He sounds like a real treasure : )

    1. Oh, he is, and yet there are days I want to make him a 'buried treasure'! lol. I tell folks it's easy to tell we are not togather due to my looks or his money--we have neither. Thank you for the congratulations.

  2. This gave me a smile and made me laugh at the Wranglers comment. I so totally understand. I was just thinking this morning how after all these years, I love my husband more than ever. We've been through some tough times and honestly he's changed a lot. He's not the man I married at all. But he's such a good man. And despite our changes over the years, in most ways we have grown together. And even when one of us takes a bit of a divergent twist on the path that the other can't follow, we just kind of shrug and say, "Ok, I'll meet you over there where the path comes together again." It's all just so good. :0)