Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thriftology Thursday Is Back--Alegria Shoes!

September 26, 2013

Yesterday was looooong. We attended two funerals in the same day, 100 miles apart. One was in the mornin', the other in the afternoon. Let's just say that we are all tired today, physically and emotionally. But the Redneck went to work, and Obie and I will do the chores that need to be done (although, the chores  may get done v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y....).

Today I want to try to get back to doin' the blog posts with SOME kind of consistancy of subject matter. I had designated Thursdays for Thriftology, so let's start there.

This is also an experiment to see about my bein' able to take photos with my little phone, then emailin' them to my laptop, so I can upload them to the blog. I THINK I have this worked out--let's see...

A couple of weeks ago, I told ya'll that I had done the rounds at the county wide garage sale, and told about the treasures that I had acquired. I was particulary thrilled with a pair of shoes that I had purchased for only a quarter, even though the lady had them marked for $10.

They were Mary Jane style, which I love, and the tapestry design is gorgeous. They had obviously never been worn, and they have a bit unusual sole.

Well, I had them in my closet, and I decided last Sunday that I had to create an 'outfit' to wear with them. I pulled out a soft blue long dress, and a fuzzy grey scarf that I tied loosely about my neckline.

When I put the Mary Janes on--I was astonished at just how comfortable they were. I mean, I could have walked a long time in them.

Yesterday, I wore sort of the same type of get up for the two funerals, and again, I was amazed at the comfort factor in these shoes.


Soo.....I checked the label inside, and found that they are Alegria brand. I Googled them, and found them at

Then I saw how much they sell for.


Oh yeah--whoa!

This is the description for this design of shoe:

The Alegria Belle Bordeaux Mary Jane-style clog by Alegria provides day-long comfort in a classic design. The Belle has the mini-bottom outsole, and an adjustable velcro strap makes this a great fitting shoe for most widths. The footbed is a mix of cork, memory foam and leather-covered latex, and forms to the natural contours of the foot. The Alegria footbed insole is also removable for your custom orthotics. Silver stitching accents the outsole and a silver side button covers the velcro closure. Add the Alegria Belle Bordeaux to your fall shoe collection.                             

I seldom pay full price for ANYTHING--and yet, I would actually consider payin' full price for these shoes--they are that comfortable.  As it is, I will be checkin' online and at outlets to try and locate more of these brand of shoes for a lower price. And you can bet your granny's favorite knittin' needles that I will be keepin'  a sharp eye out for them at resale shops and yard sales!

Heck--I may even be wearin' more skirts and dresses now, because one of my biggest gripes about dressin' up is that the shoes are never comfortable.

So what is the Thriftology lesson today? Learn your brands, learn what you like and what works for you--then do the research to insure that you can find what you need at the price you are willin' to pay.

Oh, and yay me--I figured out how to do photos for the blog again!

Well, I got chores. later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2013

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