Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Prayers Answered--I'm Draggin'

September 18, 2013

Thanks for all ya'lls prayers for my friend--just heard that she is doin' fine, gettin' dressed for the day, gonna have some yummy broth, then should be able to go home this afternoon. Glad to hear it.

As for me today?

I'm draggin'. I had some 'tummy distress' yesterday, and spent most of the day um...readin' in the bathroom, if ya get my drift. Got very little done, and this mornin' I haven't made beds yet, washed an clothes, or turned on the dishwasher. How I got a simple breakfast for the guys done and the animals fed--I dunno. I slept very little last night, and I just wanna crash right now. I have a 'guest' comin' in for a massage later this afternoon, though, so I will rest and get the basics done so I can be ready for her. Thank goodness I keep the studio massage room ready at all times.

Well, I got chores--just ain't sure I'm gonna get to them. Later ya'll.
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