Monday, September 16, 2013

Garage Sale Bargains--Herdin' Guineas

September 16, 2013

Hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend--mine was great.

Leigha and I made it to the food co-op on time as the Redneck and Obie headed out for a church workday. She and I finally got finished volunteerin', then we went shoppin' at the county wide garage sale.

I spent around $10 through the whole day, and I found almost everything I was lookin' for, along with  few surprise goodies. I found the dvd sets for the first season of DEAD LIKE ME, and THE VICAR OF DIBLEY--for 50 EACH. They re in perfect condition, and If I decide not to keep them in my collection, I can happily donate them to one of my local libraries.

I'm workin' on makin' a bed skirt like the one in last month's issue of MARY JANE'S FARM, and I was lookin' for some lace curtains and a large fitted sheet. Leigha found some really nice curtains at one sale, and we located the sheet at another. I found a little sign for my livin' room, some XXX sized t-shirts to try makin' simple skirts out of, a few books--INCLUDIN' a copy of the scandolous 1956 novel, PEYTON PLACE, in great condition, for only a quarter! I will be callin' my buddy Debra later today, and she will find a collector to purchase it, hence makin' money for both of us.

Oh, and my favorite purchase of the day--a pair of tapestry design Mary Janes, lookin' like they have never been worn...for 25 cents. Can't hardly wait to put together an outfit with those!

Now it's Monday, and the whirl wind that is my life has started turnin' again. I have already had to 'herd' a flock of guineas that have taken up residence in my back pasture over the weekend. I have no idea where these guys came from, but I now have seven young guineas that wander around, eatin' grasshoppers. I wouldn't care if they stayed in the back pasture, but these idiots insist on comin' up to the front pasture, where my dogs are all housed, and I have to go 'herd' them away to keep them safe.
Seriously, it's funny to watch them all huddled together, trottin' along as I swing a large stick at them to make them go where they need to be. The only noise they make is a soft 'squeakin' sound, like a rusty bed spring. Then once they get to the fence, they all fly over, and then they begin to make a chatterin' noise, like they are sayin' "Can you BELIEVE what she did? The NERVE!"

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett

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