Friday, September 6, 2013

Blew It

September 6, 2013

Just read a good blog post entitled,

11 Blog Post Ideas for Those Days When Your Brain is Fried (

Boy howdy, is mine ever fried today.

First, I'm TIRED from all I've been doin' the past few weeks. I mean, I stay busy most days, but not like this. I called the elder that I've been helpin' move and asked if he needed my help today (all the time thinkin', PLEASE DON'T NEED ME!!!!!!!!!!!), and learned that he had finally finished up with all the movin'.

I still have to work is the wellness studio this afternoon to put a few things in order for next week--have some 'guests' comin' for bodywork--and I need to work on Obie's education agenda, along with workin' the food co-op in the mornin', runnin' to Eleanor's in the afternoon, gettin' ready for church--

Heck--whatever happened to a good lazy Saturday....?

Movin' on....

Last night, after I posted about how I was gonna work on becomin' more submissive to the Redneck--

After puttin' it out there for everyone to see--




Big time.....{{sheepish grin}}

Oh yeah, the very next day, I did BEAUTIFULLY bein' a submissive wife...

...then the Redneck came home.

Somehow we ended up yellin' at each other over the DUMBEST thing--I can't even recall what--

And I snatched the key to the feed shed and went to take care of the horses for the evenin'.

All the way across the pasture, I kept sayin', "Lord, I'm sorry."

Of course, by the time I fed and watered and got back to the house, HE was all happy and wantin' to talk about our days and what we were havin' for supper, plans for the weekend, yadda, yadda...

I have to laugh, 'cause after all, it's hard to stay mad at my Redneck. He knows that I have trouble not snappin' at things said or done, and yet, he let's them roll off his back. He embodies Ephesians 4:26;

And "don't sin by letting anger control you." Don't let the sun go down while you are still angry,

Ya know what I really love about him?

Even after we have had the biggest "Shoutin' Shivaree", when we go to bed, he still reaches over and pulls me close so he can hold me as we sleep.


Makes me wanna do better as a wife, just thinkin' about him, ya know?

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett


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