Thursday, August 22, 2013

Studio Movin' Forward--Careful Of Companions

August 22, 2013

Well, a few more tweaks and the wellness studio will be ready for guests. I already have folks lined up for appointments, and I still haven't gotten the outside of the buildin' mowed. This is truly a case of 'don't judge a book by it's cover."

I haven't had a chance to paint the inside, but I'm plannin' on doin' that in a bit cooler weather. I'm tryin' to figure out what to use as a drape between the treatment room and the outer office, but I may have a solution.

I'm not giddy with excitement, but I do feel a sense of returnin' to what I'm truly called to do. I got sidetracked for several years while I learned a lot of hard lessons about makin' friends with the wrong people, bad companions, etc. It took those lessons to make me turn back towards the direction God wanted me to go in, instead of where I thought I wanted to go.

Nowadays I keep to myself a lot, except for friends who have proven themselves over many years, and who understand that I am easily distracted by folks who make me feel like they need rescuin'. Yes, I'm in my 50s, and I have babysitters.

But then again, I sometimes NEED them.

In the book of Joshua, chapter 9, The Gibeonites figure they had better come up with a plan to get Isreal to join with them, or else they were gonna get wiped out or run out of the Promised Land like all the other Canaanites.

So they came up with a great sob story and presented it to Joshua, who should have gone straight to The Lord and asked HIS opinion. Instead, he said, basically, "Okay, you poor things. Don't sweat it, we'll be bestest buddies from now on, and you can count on us to help you out anytime."

Guess what? It came back to bite them in the backside over and over, all because they didn't seek God's counsel before shooin' their mouth off.

Seriously, you look up REALLY STUPID IDEAS in the dictionary, and you will see two photos--Joshua's and mine.

I have what is called a rescue compulsion, and I always want to take the side of the 'underdog'. By befriendin' folks who give me a good sob story, I have gotten hurt in so many ways it ain't funny.

And what's really sad is that every time my husband has said, "Don't make friends with those folks, somethin' ain't right"...

I have gone right ahead and made friends. Simply by goin' against my husband's leadership, I have gotten into more messes.

Fortunately, God has protected me from my own idiocy many times, and yet He has also allowed me to suffer some consequences for my actions.

Does all that mean that I don't help folks? Not at all. It simply means that I now seek God's counsel and my husband's leadership before I step out on a limb.

Here's a little poem about this subject that I wrote--it'll explain it better.

It Ain’t Always
Evelyn Edgett
June 18, 2013

Once, durin’ one of my pre-dawn walks,
I was enjoyin’ the black velvet night
The moon had just set, but the sun wasn’t quite up,
So I was just strollin’ along, waitin’ to see the light.

Ya know how sometimes ya just get that feelin’?
Like you just ain’t quite alone?
No, I don’t mean like some ghostly haint.
I know folks don’t come back after they’re gone.

No, I mean that little sense that tells you
There’s the presence of another livin’ bein.
So I took a gander around the fields and the road,
Looked down—and couldn’t  believe what I was seein’.

There, just a couple of feet away,
Off a bit to my right side,
I saw the ittiest, bittiest kitten walkin’ along,
And he was matchin’ me, stride for stride.

“Why, you poor little thing,” says I.
“I guess you must be lost.”
“C’mere, I’ll help you out,
After all, what could it cost?”

I knelt and went to scoop the little feller up,
But just as I stretched out my hand.
My nose caught the faintest ‘whiff’,
And my brain just started yellin’, “STAND!”

Don’t you make another move.
Just let that critter go right on by.
‘cause if you keep tryin’ to rescue that baby SKUNK,
You and a bunch of other folks gonna get a chance to cry.

As God’s people, we’re often like me out on that road.
We wanna help folks out when they seem lost.
We wanna jump right in to rescue folks.
‘Cuz after all, what can it cost?

But ya see, there’s gonna be folks who slither right into your life,
Who will make you think they’re just misunderstood.
And when you catch on to how they’ve used you, don’t feel bad.
You ain’t that dumb—they’re just that good.

But, don’t you stop wantin’ to help folks.
After all, that’s how we show ‘em God’s love.
But before you rush in all excited,
Pray and check it out with your Father above.

Jesus said that we should be meek as doves,
So we could let the light of His love rise.
But he also said we would be as sheep among wolves,
So remember, along with bein’ meek—folks we gotta be wise.
Well, I got chores. later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2013

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