Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hay Haulin'--Food Bank Volunteerin'--Just Busy

August 28, 2013

After I posted yesterday, I got the call to go haul hay, so Obie and I spent the afternoon climbin' all over a trailer piled high with square bales, then carryin' them down to the bottom and stackin' them up to the barn ceilin'--over and over and over,,,,,

We got 'er done, though!

Then we spent time cleanin' out the guy's cattle guard. Rain had caused the sand around it to fill in the grates.

Made $50 for our efforts. Not bad, however, we got home and I took two asprin, a hot shower, changed into my jammies and passed smooth out on the couch till the Redneck got home. Thank goodness, I had dinner in the crockpot!

This mornin', the Redneck dropped Obie and I off at the local food bank on his way to work, and we worked as volunteers, unloadin' the big truck, repackagin' the foods, and puttin' it on the shelves for tomorrow's distribution.

As volunteers, we are allowed to take a few things now and then. I look for anything unusual, that I know most folks in our area wouldn't know what to do with, and might go to waste. Today, I found a package of pad thai noodles and sauce, and shrimp, so I took tht and we had it for lunch. Obie found what HE wanted--a giant box of LUCKY CHARMS cereal, that box with mostly green shamrocks (oh joy--food colorin' overload). Hey, he earned it--he can have what he likes.

There were several heads of romaine lettuce that hadn't been given out last week, and that wouldn't last too much longer, so they went to me for my horses as a treat. Boy, was I popular!

Home now, and about to go make up sugar scrubs to fill orders for ladies at church tonight. They arre sellin' well, and I have an order for four different bath salts--plus I have clients next week for massage.

Well, I got chores. later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett

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