Monday, August 5, 2013

Big, Big....BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 5, 2013

If ya'll recall, I've been hintin' at a big announcement for a while now.

Well, it's finally official, so I'm announcin' that...


Yup, God has provided a three bedroom, two bath mobile home for my little family, on 5 plus acres. Oh yeah--I don't wanna forget to mention the DISHWASHER!

The Redneck's folks found a house closer to the other son's house, where the grandkids live, so they offered to let us rent their house here on the property. We prayed a long time, and just kept waitin' to see what would happen. When the door opened, we walked through.

And the bonus is, the little cottage that we have been livin' in will now become the headquarters for our family's ministry, along with the home of my wellness ministry.

Things have been happenin' really fast. God has been "Philipians 4:19'n" all over the place, as He has met every need accordin' to His riches of glory in Christ Jesus.

After livin' in small homes for so many years, we had pared down belongings, especially furniture, so when we moved into the larger house, we had our beds, a couple of dressers, and little else.

I figured out what were real needs, and began to pray. Here's how He has answered those prayers so far:

A couple at church wanted to get a much smaller dinin' tble, since there kids no longer live at home, and the one they had was more than they need. They wanted to know if we could use it.

I was drivin' home from a friend's house, and lookin' over to the left, I saw a gorgeous wooden coffee tble. I asked the home owner what the table was doin' out there, and he sid he was movin', but had no room for it at the new place, so did I want his help loadin' it up?

We were given a burgandy colored love seat, a smll side table with a lamp built into it, 9 sets of  mini blinds, curtains for the livin' room, and we are waitin' for word on a leather couch.

My favorite was in church yesterday, when it was asked,

"Are there any prayer requests?"

I raised  my hand and said, "I need a washer and a dryer."

As soon as I said it, a couple on my right said, "We have  set you can have."

A few miniutes later, when the question, "Are there any praise reports", was asked, I raised my hand and said,

"I have a washer and a dryer!"

God is soooooooo GOOD!

I still need a few things for our new home, and then I will be workin' to set up the old house as the studio. I know that if I simply make my needs known, God will take care of them.

I videoed the rooms in the new house as they inlaws were movin' out, and I want to post them so you cn see the 'befores' of each room. then once the rooms are set up, I will post the 'afters'.

If you are wonderin' what my decoratin' style is--


I am grateful for whatever God provides, and what He provides ALWAYS looks right.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2013 Evelynn Edgett



  1. Many congratulations on your new home. I really enjoy it when our Heavenly Father provides in those wonderful, unexpected ways, and reading your washer/dryer story.

  2. awesome...sooo very happy for you!!! bout time!

  3. Thank you both for your well wishes!

  4. How wonderful, Evelynn!

    May the Lord continue prospering you in your new home, as well as with your cottage ministry. :)



  5. Marqueta--

    How are you doing? Do I owe you a letter, or do you owe me one? I have completely lost track, what with all the insanity around here!