Friday, July 26, 2013

New Book In The Works--YOUTUBE Trouble--Grav3yard Girl--Relaxin'

July 26, 2013

I finally get to post today, after two weeks of the local library bein' without internet--and after yet an even busier schedule than last time I had a lull in postin;.

Lessee, what all has happened? I've been workin' on my second book--WELL, I GOT CHORES, and I'm workin' on recordin' my first book for cd sales. Plus, I'm gettin' ready to do a few poems for videos on YOUTUBE.

Speakin' of YOUTUBE--they have messed up my channel, and now I type in my email, but it doesn't give me my channel. My channel, DixieBibleBabe still exists, but my email doesn't connect me to it. Instead, it made a new channel, based on my email address. Anybody know how to fix that?

Also, I have discovered a young woman on YOUTUBE who I think is just wonderful. Bunny Meyer, also known as grav3yard girl, is a hilarious person from Pearland, Texas. She does videos that are refreshin' and funny. She is what's called a 'Pastel Goth'--which I call "Spooky Cute"

Actually...why don't we just call it "A Style All Her Own". I mean, I figure I'm a "Cowgirl Biker Pastel Goth", but that is too many words, so I just say I wear what I like, and leave it at that.

I got to meet and hear a young cowboy gospel singer last Sunday at church. Rusty is a great talent, and his love for Jesus shines through everything he dings and says. I will be postin' a link to his site as soon as I get more info on him.

It's a rainy, quiet day here at our place, and we are relaxin' at the in-laws while they are on vacation. The guys are enjoyin' a little satellite tv while I do some computer work. We ain't gotta go nowhere today, so it's just gonna be a chillin' out kind of time.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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