Monday, July 15, 2013

Just Catchin' Up

July 15, 2013

After a very busy couple of weeks--we are slowin' down again, and I'm able to blog for a bit.

Hope ya'll had a safe and fun 4th of July--we spent the afternoon at an elder's house, havin' a great time. Food fun and fellowship were the key words that described our time there. Of course, when it got close to dark, we came home to see to our animals, since there would be fireworks all around us, and we wanted to make sure they didn't get hurt.

Things went well, and none of the horses panicked about the booms, pops, whizzes and bangs that went off around us--except when some idiot allowed his kids to DUEL WITH ROMAN CANDLES (seriously, that man ate a big bowl of STUPID for breakfast). Then they got antsy. We just stayed with them and kept lettin' know they were safe.

Okay, what else? Oh yeah, Eleanor is doin' great. A little over a month, and she is already back on her stationary bike, and she is able to use a walker. She even bought a WEIDER ULITMATE HOME GYM, and she is doin' a lot of upper body strength trainin'.

Obie and I went to work at her house last week, and she let me loose in her pantry, and I got it organized--it looks wonderful, and much more user friendly. She texted me that night to thank me for my organizational skills. I sent back, "No problem. I just need a way to justify my YOUTUBE addiction.

There may be big news comin' in a week or two--don't wanna say anything until I know more. I will ask for prayer for wisdom. You can never go wrong with prayers for wisdom!

Well, I got chores. Later folks
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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    It's always nice to have a catch-up with you! I'm glad your animals were safe during the Fourth; I REALLY wish people would think of another way to celebrate.

    You could hours and hours of fun organizing my pantry and herb cupboard!