Saturday, July 27, 2013

Garage Sale Haul--I Win A Gift Card--What IS that Smell?

July 27, 2013

This is such a quiet weekend--I love it. We ran a couple of errands (gotta buy that horse and dog food, ya know), and did a few chores, but mostly we are just relaxin'.

Went to a garage sale this mornin', and I found two dvds for $1 each, along with a case of recordable cds for a $1. That was good, but then I saw a TOTAL GYM sittin' by the porch, and I asked the guy, just out of curiosity, how much he wanted for it.

He hemmed and hawed a bit, then asked me,

"Would $3 be okay?"

Now, inside, I was goin' "OH YEAH! SCORED THE BIG ONE TOOOODAY!!!!!!!YAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Outwardly, I said, "Yeah, sure, I can swing that."


Have you SEEN how much those things sell for retail? I have wanted one for years for upper body strength work, but just couldn't justify the cost.

I think I can justify the price in this case, don't you?

Okay--big news, I won a $50 gift card for postin' about an upcyclin' project I did on THE CHEAP LIFE channel on YOUTUBE. When I get it, I will have more than enough for the ink for my new printer. I TOLD Ya'll that God had somethin' worked out!

Well, after that excitement, we came home to finish up some tasks around the house, and then I began lunch. I was cookin' ground beef, onions and garlic together, fixin' up a mixture of chili powder, salt and other spices for what I call 'smish'.

I'm workin' away, hummin', and then I realize that I'm smellin' somethin' AWFUL. I can't smell the meat and veggies. Instead, I'm gettin' a whiff of somethin' like it's dead.

I'm thinkin', I KNOW that meat is good--what IS that smell?

Then I hear a 'swish' behind me. I turn and...

There sits Angel, my youngest female wolf, waggin' her tail across the floor, lookin' up at me with her head cocked, as if to ask, "When's lunch, mom?"

I lean closer to her, and realize it's HER I'm smellin'. And WHAT a SMELL. I had let her in earlier for a treat. I didn't get close enough to her to realize that she had found somethin' FASCINATIN' to roll in. Since she heads for under the bed as soon as she comes in, I hadn't been aware of the 'fragrance' she carried, until she smelled lunch cookin', and she decided to grace me with her presence.

Oh yeah--BATH TIME for her tonight. Till then, she is banned from the house. Plus, I have to finish disinfectin' under my bed...Thank heaven I have a hard floor, and not carpet!

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2013 by Evelyn Edgett

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