Monday, June 17, 2013

You Gotta Try This!

June 17, 2013

I spend a lot of time on YOUTUBE ( When I first heard of it, I was only aware of the weird little videos, and the "my cat is adorable" videos. I basically thought it was a waste of time.

Then, while researchin' something, I was directed to a YOUTUBE video, and that in turn led me to others in the same subject. The next thing I knew--I was hooked on the thing, usin' it to research all kinds of subjects, especially simple livin' and frugality.

I have researched raw foods, tuny houses, organizing, Christian comedy, music videos, you name it--I have probably looked it up.

And yes...I even watch the "my cat is adorable" ones sometimes.

I recently found a gentleman named David Chilcott, from Australia, who has a channel named THE ONE POT CHEF SHOW. He does a lot of recipes that are easy and delicious, and one of his most recent videos was for a home made ice cream in the blender. I watched it and thought, "I can do that!" As a result, I made it for our church ice cream social, and it was a hit. I made a banana version, AND (oh wait until you hear this--you're gonna wanna try it) a NUTELLA version.


Okay, I decided that as a tribute to thriftology durin' the summer months, I would share this video with my readers. I did tweak it a bit to make a bit softer dessert--I increased the cream by a cup and decreased the milk by one cup, but try it the way he shows first, to see how you like it. BTW--if you don't have a blender, I found this makes well in a food processor also. I just pour the mixture into a clean used ice cream container, but you can also use smaller containers for individual servings.

Ain't that easy?
I honestly feel that once you try this ice cream, you won't bother buyin' the stuff from the store again, 'cause you can adapt it to all kinds of flavors. Yes, the cream is a bit pricey, but you will know exactly what's in your frozen treats. I buy the quart containers of cream when they are placed in the clearance section of the dairy aisle at my local store, and then I freeze them to use later in ice cream. I let them thaw and them pop them into the recipe with my milk. Saves money.

I hope this recipe helps ya'll have a 'sweeter' summer!

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2013 by Evelyn Edgett


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