Monday, June 10, 2013

Weddin's, Health Food, And Mud Holes--OH MY!

June 10, 2013

So far, workin' for Eleanor and takin' my Reflexology classes have kept me hoppin', but we took time out last week to attend the weddin' of one of the cowboy church elders and his lovely lady. I was the 'openin' act', so to speak. The couple had me read "The Weddin' Poem'' at the beginnin' of the ceremony. It was a sweet, short ceremony, and the ladies of the church held a brief reception afterwards. The weddin' cake was great--the smaller groom's cake was a square hay bale, and the main cake was--dig this--

A ROUND BALE, complete with green webbin' around it!

Funny, and DEEEEEEEELICIOUS! The groom's cake was chocolate cream, and the main cake was an Amaretto Cream. {{{DROOL}}}

Last week, Obie and I ran to the natural grocery for Eleanor, to get lots of goodies to tempt her appetite. She was eatin' nutritious food, but not really enough of it. So we worked out a menu that would be easier for her to eat more often, in order to get enough calories into her.

One thing she asked me for, which was NOT at the natural food store, was Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. And wouldn't ya know it--every store we normally go to was out of it.

I felt awful, because I have known this lady for over 16 years, and short of givin' up an organ--I'd do anything for her.

So, as Obie and I were pullin' out onto the main road to head back to her house, I looked at him and said, "Ya know--Miss Eleanor has been real good to us, right?"

He said, "Yup".

"So, I think she deserves for us to find her what she wants, right?"


Well, that did it. We turned left instead of right, and drove to am ALBERTSON'S grocery a few miles away. And there, we found the elusive frozen confection.

There was great rejoicin' in the kingdom when we got back to Eleanor's.

Okay...mud holes....

My male wolf, Fang, has been diggin' his brains out lately, makin' huge holes in the yard. Thursday mornin', we were all out feedin' critters before we dropped the Redneck off at work and headed for Eleanors. It had been rainin' hard all night, so I was really careful to avoid bein' 'tagged' by the canines with dirty paws.

I got to Fang's feed area, and after seein' the holes, I stepped to the left to avoid them. Unfortunately, I forgot about the LOOSE DIRT that had been rained on all night.

My left foot stepped, and then began to slide forward, while my right leg began to bend at the knee. I dropped the feed bucket to try and steady myself as I went slowly down.

Didn't help.

I slid forward, and landed on my right shin and knee. I wasn't hurt, but I was still slidin'.

My left foot is out in front, my right shin is buried on mud, and I am STILL slidin'.

Now my rear end lands in the mud, and my hands hit the dirt to try and stop the momentum.

Ain't happenin'.

S-L-O-W-L-Y.......but very steadily.....

My body keeps goin' until now my BACK is slidin' long the mud.

By a miracle, my head doesn't hit the mud, so my hair is clean.

I finally stop, and Fang is lookin' at me like he has NO CLUE why I'm on his level, but he's sure glad I am. In fact, he pounces on my stomach.

Yes, he's still alive--mainly because I didn't have time to take revenge...

So, I get up, and I am filthy. My hands have about a half inch of mud on the palms, and I have about 10 minutes before I have to leave.

I did get changed and on the road in time, and none the worse for wear. However, I dunno if my jeans will ever come clean from the mud that ground into them.

Life is just one big excitin' mess these days--and I am thankful for it.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2013 by Evelyn Edgett


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