Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Blessin's, And I Got My First Fan Letter!

June 26, 2013

Where do I even try to BEGIN tellin' ya'll about all the blessin's that God has been sendin' my way lately?

My family is doin' so well--the Redneck still LOVES his job, and Obie is doin' great, although he is recoverin' from a summer cold right now. When we go to work at Eleanor's, he loves it--she had me fix him up a 'man cave'. It's one of the classrooms set up with a comfortable chair, a stereo for his music, his own bathroom, and access to the kitchen. When he isn't helpin' me with a task, he's chillin' in his space.

I'm takin' reflexology classes--just finished my second one. I have two more and then my test for certification. Then I begin my essential oil classes--those are my favorites.

Eleanor is doin' great. The doctors said she wouldn't be able to put any weight on her leg for three months. I walked in yesterday, and the physical therapist had her on her exercise bike--at ONE MONTH. Plus, she went on a date over the weekend--in a WHEELCHAIR.

Seriously--I wanna be her if I ever grow up.

It's been great workin' for her. I am sortin' through all her class stuff and doin' all the little weird jobs that need doin'--spreadin' Diatomaceous earth around the outside of the house, takin' stuff up to the attic, cookin' and shoppin' for her. Yesterday, she went with me to a local nursery--IN MY TRUCK.

This little seventy year old woman just wheeled up to the truck, hopped on one foot to the seat, and pulled herself up. Don't let her petite form fool ya--this lady is sharp and sassy. She was whippin' all over her big yard yesterday, showin' me where to place her lawn chairs so she could sit in them and enjoy her plants.

Oh--another blessin'. While I was sortin' her books--I found MY copy of HEALING WITH WATER, by Jeanne Keller. I thought I had lost it many years ago. Turns out I had loaned it to Eleanor. If you get a chance to get a copy of this book--snag it. It was written by a housewife back in the 60s, and the advice inside has been used by our family over the years to sustain our health. I was blessed to have found it again.

And this last week, I was checkin' my email on my phone, when I came across an address I didn't recognize. I started to read it, and when I realized what it was, I yelled, "BABY! LISTEN TO THIS!"

I read it to him, and he said, "Well, congratulations. You just got your first fan letter."

A lady had bought one of my books at one of the churches I spoke at, and she emailed me to let me know how much she was blessed by it.


Yes, I printed it out, and it's goin' in my files. Heck, I may FRAME the sucker.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2013 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    Congratulations on your first fan letter; how exciting! It sounds like the windows of Heaven are opening up for your family, and I am so happy for you.