Monday, June 3, 2013

Looks Like I'm Still Around...

June 3, 2013

Yup--I'm back, although for a time it may be sporadic postin'. But I am back, and it seems I will be for a while.

I've prayed and sought out what I feel I should do with this blog, and if you have checked it from time to time since I last posted, you'll see that I have changed a few things already, and added a few new links to other sites.

Since last we visited, my friend Eleanor broke her tibia, and after surgery and a stint in the rehab facility, she is back home in a wheelchair, doin' great. She has lots of in home help of the medical type, but she still needs assistance with runnin' errands, business tasks, and anything else that I can do to help her in her bid to take over the free world from her wheelchair. (Yeah--you just THINK that was a joke)

So, Obie and I now go over to her home a few times a week to help with those chores, and in return, she is helpin' me get my Reflexology and Essential Oil Counselin' Certification classes out of the way. Hopefully, I will get my higher levels of Reiki and Nutritional Education done also.

Pretty good trade off--doncha think?

So for a time, I will be busy with her, plus runnin' my own household, so my posts will be a little haphazard until I get a schedule worked out.

I have decided to keep things mostly the way they have been--after all, simple livin' can be done anywhere--you don't have to move to the mountains or any other rural area to do that.

I am just gonna keep postin' as the Spirit moves me--I don't want to promise certain types of posts on certain days until I have the details worked out.

Lessee...what else can I catch you up on?

Oh yeah, the Redneck has been back home and workin' at his new job for over a month now--and I'm in HEAVEN! It is soooo nice to have him home each night, and to be able to attend church together. I know that we needed him to work away from home for a time until God had the new job lined up--but man, I'm so blessed to have my wonderful spousal unit back home.

Obie is doin' great--he has been a big help as I help Eleanor out.

I have been doin' more readin' of my cowboy poetry at various churches, and I have been amazed to see what God is doin' in folk's hearts. I mean, I enjoy gettin' up and readin' my work, and sellin' a book now and then is good.

But then God does somethin' awesome, like yesterday, when an older lady came up to me after church, and told me that God had used one of the poems I read durin' the service to touch her heart about forgivin' someone she had been hard hearted towards. She was cryin'. and we just hugged.

Now THAT is what it's really all about for me--knowin' that God is at work in my little endeavors.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2013 by Evelyn Edgett

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  1. Dear Evelyn,

    I'm glad you're still here; my blog list is a happier place with you on it. :)

    What a wonderful thing to have the Lord use your talents in such a concrete way; I'm sure He has even bigger things planned for you!