Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Blessin's, And I Got My First Fan Letter!

June 26, 2013

Where do I even try to BEGIN tellin' ya'll about all the blessin's that God has been sendin' my way lately?

My family is doin' so well--the Redneck still LOVES his job, and Obie is doin' great, although he is recoverin' from a summer cold right now. When we go to work at Eleanor's, he loves it--she had me fix him up a 'man cave'. It's one of the classrooms set up with a comfortable chair, a stereo for his music, his own bathroom, and access to the kitchen. When he isn't helpin' me with a task, he's chillin' in his space.

I'm takin' reflexology classes--just finished my second one. I have two more and then my test for certification. Then I begin my essential oil classes--those are my favorites.

Eleanor is doin' great. The doctors said she wouldn't be able to put any weight on her leg for three months. I walked in yesterday, and the physical therapist had her on her exercise bike--at ONE MONTH. Plus, she went on a date over the weekend--in a WHEELCHAIR.

Seriously--I wanna be her if I ever grow up.

It's been great workin' for her. I am sortin' through all her class stuff and doin' all the little weird jobs that need doin'--spreadin' Diatomaceous earth around the outside of the house, takin' stuff up to the attic, cookin' and shoppin' for her. Yesterday, she went with me to a local nursery--IN MY TRUCK.

This little seventy year old woman just wheeled up to the truck, hopped on one foot to the seat, and pulled herself up. Don't let her petite form fool ya--this lady is sharp and sassy. She was whippin' all over her big yard yesterday, showin' me where to place her lawn chairs so she could sit in them and enjoy her plants.

Oh--another blessin'. While I was sortin' her books--I found MY copy of HEALING WITH WATER, by Jeanne Keller. I thought I had lost it many years ago. Turns out I had loaned it to Eleanor. If you get a chance to get a copy of this book--snag it. It was written by a housewife back in the 60s, and the advice inside has been used by our family over the years to sustain our health. I was blessed to have found it again.

And this last week, I was checkin' my email on my phone, when I came across an address I didn't recognize. I started to read it, and when I realized what it was, I yelled, "BABY! LISTEN TO THIS!"

I read it to him, and he said, "Well, congratulations. You just got your first fan letter."

A lady had bought one of my books at one of the churches I spoke at, and she emailed me to let me know how much she was blessed by it.


Yes, I printed it out, and it's goin' in my files. Heck, I may FRAME the sucker.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2013 by Evelyn Edgett

Monday, June 17, 2013

You Gotta Try This!

June 17, 2013

I spend a lot of time on YOUTUBE ( When I first heard of it, I was only aware of the weird little videos, and the "my cat is adorable" videos. I basically thought it was a waste of time.

Then, while researchin' something, I was directed to a YOUTUBE video, and that in turn led me to others in the same subject. The next thing I knew--I was hooked on the thing, usin' it to research all kinds of subjects, especially simple livin' and frugality.

I have researched raw foods, tuny houses, organizing, Christian comedy, music videos, you name it--I have probably looked it up.

And yes...I even watch the "my cat is adorable" ones sometimes.

I recently found a gentleman named David Chilcott, from Australia, who has a channel named THE ONE POT CHEF SHOW. He does a lot of recipes that are easy and delicious, and one of his most recent videos was for a home made ice cream in the blender. I watched it and thought, "I can do that!" As a result, I made it for our church ice cream social, and it was a hit. I made a banana version, AND (oh wait until you hear this--you're gonna wanna try it) a NUTELLA version.


Okay, I decided that as a tribute to thriftology durin' the summer months, I would share this video with my readers. I did tweak it a bit to make a bit softer dessert--I increased the cream by a cup and decreased the milk by one cup, but try it the way he shows first, to see how you like it. BTW--if you don't have a blender, I found this makes well in a food processor also. I just pour the mixture into a clean used ice cream container, but you can also use smaller containers for individual servings.

Ain't that easy?
I honestly feel that once you try this ice cream, you won't bother buyin' the stuff from the store again, 'cause you can adapt it to all kinds of flavors. Yes, the cream is a bit pricey, but you will know exactly what's in your frozen treats. I buy the quart containers of cream when they are placed in the clearance section of the dairy aisle at my local store, and then I freeze them to use later in ice cream. I let them thaw and them pop them into the recipe with my milk. Saves money.

I hope this recipe helps ya'll have a 'sweeter' summer!

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2013 by Evelyn Edgett


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

OOPS! He Blessed Me Again!

June 12, 2013

I have been tryin' to cut down the costs of printin' my book, so I can more easily have copies to sell. As it was, what I charged for the book barely covered my printin' and bindin' costs, paid my illustrator for his drawin's, and somewhere after all that--I got a little bit of pocket change.

I just figured, hey, the work is gettin' out there--money may come later. That ain't the main reason I write anyway. It's so I can express myself and glorify God.  So I just handed the whole mess over to Him and told Him it was His bar-b-que, cook it like He wanted.


God had a little somethin' warmin' on the back of the grill.

A few weeks ago, one of our elders came up to me at Bible Study and asked if I would like his comb bindin' machine, and all the combs that he had left over from when he used it in his business before he retired.


So, now I have a binder and many of the combs to hold my book together, plus several covers.

Then my friend Eleanor invested money in buyin' me two reams of printer paper and a black ink cartridge, so I could print on her computer. To pay her back, I did a few extra hours of work for her.

That all got me several copies printed and bound for my visit to a local cowboy church.

My next prayer was that someone at our church might have an old printer that was lyin' around after upgradin' to a newer one. I was gonna ask if I could buy the old one.


Eleanor said that if I knew of anyone who could work on a printer, she would give me her old one.

I asked what was wrong with it. She said that it printed well in black and in color, it copied, it scanned, faxed, did dishes, vaccumed, etc.

"Yeah, but what's WRONG with it?"

"I just don't like how it collates."


You don't like that you have to open the little lid and put the paper in it?

I told her that I had plenty of time to waste openin' the little lid--and now that sucker is mine.

Next, I found a small cabinet for $3.00 at a yard sale to put the printer on, with storage for the bindin' machine and other supplies. I also found a nice little foldin' table to display my books on when I go to other churches.

All I need now is a new ink cartridge for the printer...

...and I'm pretty certain God has THAT covered, too! All I gotta do is be patient and trust.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2013 by Evelyn Edgett


Monday, June 10, 2013

Weddin's, Health Food, And Mud Holes--OH MY!

June 10, 2013

So far, workin' for Eleanor and takin' my Reflexology classes have kept me hoppin', but we took time out last week to attend the weddin' of one of the cowboy church elders and his lovely lady. I was the 'openin' act', so to speak. The couple had me read "The Weddin' Poem'' at the beginnin' of the ceremony. It was a sweet, short ceremony, and the ladies of the church held a brief reception afterwards. The weddin' cake was great--the smaller groom's cake was a square hay bale, and the main cake was--dig this--

A ROUND BALE, complete with green webbin' around it!

Funny, and DEEEEEEEELICIOUS! The groom's cake was chocolate cream, and the main cake was an Amaretto Cream. {{{DROOL}}}

Last week, Obie and I ran to the natural grocery for Eleanor, to get lots of goodies to tempt her appetite. She was eatin' nutritious food, but not really enough of it. So we worked out a menu that would be easier for her to eat more often, in order to get enough calories into her.

One thing she asked me for, which was NOT at the natural food store, was Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. And wouldn't ya know it--every store we normally go to was out of it.

I felt awful, because I have known this lady for over 16 years, and short of givin' up an organ--I'd do anything for her.

So, as Obie and I were pullin' out onto the main road to head back to her house, I looked at him and said, "Ya know--Miss Eleanor has been real good to us, right?"

He said, "Yup".

"So, I think she deserves for us to find her what she wants, right?"


Well, that did it. We turned left instead of right, and drove to am ALBERTSON'S grocery a few miles away. And there, we found the elusive frozen confection.

There was great rejoicin' in the kingdom when we got back to Eleanor's.

Okay...mud holes....

My male wolf, Fang, has been diggin' his brains out lately, makin' huge holes in the yard. Thursday mornin', we were all out feedin' critters before we dropped the Redneck off at work and headed for Eleanors. It had been rainin' hard all night, so I was really careful to avoid bein' 'tagged' by the canines with dirty paws.

I got to Fang's feed area, and after seein' the holes, I stepped to the left to avoid them. Unfortunately, I forgot about the LOOSE DIRT that had been rained on all night.

My left foot stepped, and then began to slide forward, while my right leg began to bend at the knee. I dropped the feed bucket to try and steady myself as I went slowly down.

Didn't help.

I slid forward, and landed on my right shin and knee. I wasn't hurt, but I was still slidin'.

My left foot is out in front, my right shin is buried on mud, and I am STILL slidin'.

Now my rear end lands in the mud, and my hands hit the dirt to try and stop the momentum.

Ain't happenin'.

S-L-O-W-L-Y.......but very steadily.....

My body keeps goin' until now my BACK is slidin' long the mud.

By a miracle, my head doesn't hit the mud, so my hair is clean.

I finally stop, and Fang is lookin' at me like he has NO CLUE why I'm on his level, but he's sure glad I am. In fact, he pounces on my stomach.

Yes, he's still alive--mainly because I didn't have time to take revenge...

So, I get up, and I am filthy. My hands have about a half inch of mud on the palms, and I have about 10 minutes before I have to leave.

I did get changed and on the road in time, and none the worse for wear. However, I dunno if my jeans will ever come clean from the mud that ground into them.

Life is just one big excitin' mess these days--and I am thankful for it.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2013 by Evelyn Edgett


Monday, June 3, 2013

Looks Like I'm Still Around...

June 3, 2013

Yup--I'm back, although for a time it may be sporadic postin'. But I am back, and it seems I will be for a while.

I've prayed and sought out what I feel I should do with this blog, and if you have checked it from time to time since I last posted, you'll see that I have changed a few things already, and added a few new links to other sites.

Since last we visited, my friend Eleanor broke her tibia, and after surgery and a stint in the rehab facility, she is back home in a wheelchair, doin' great. She has lots of in home help of the medical type, but she still needs assistance with runnin' errands, business tasks, and anything else that I can do to help her in her bid to take over the free world from her wheelchair. (Yeah--you just THINK that was a joke)

So, Obie and I now go over to her home a few times a week to help with those chores, and in return, she is helpin' me get my Reflexology and Essential Oil Counselin' Certification classes out of the way. Hopefully, I will get my higher levels of Reiki and Nutritional Education done also.

Pretty good trade off--doncha think?

So for a time, I will be busy with her, plus runnin' my own household, so my posts will be a little haphazard until I get a schedule worked out.

I have decided to keep things mostly the way they have been--after all, simple livin' can be done anywhere--you don't have to move to the mountains or any other rural area to do that.

I am just gonna keep postin' as the Spirit moves me--I don't want to promise certain types of posts on certain days until I have the details worked out.

Lessee...what else can I catch you up on?

Oh yeah, the Redneck has been back home and workin' at his new job for over a month now--and I'm in HEAVEN! It is soooo nice to have him home each night, and to be able to attend church together. I know that we needed him to work away from home for a time until God had the new job lined up--but man, I'm so blessed to have my wonderful spousal unit back home.

Obie is doin' great--he has been a big help as I help Eleanor out.

I have been doin' more readin' of my cowboy poetry at various churches, and I have been amazed to see what God is doin' in folk's hearts. I mean, I enjoy gettin' up and readin' my work, and sellin' a book now and then is good.

But then God does somethin' awesome, like yesterday, when an older lady came up to me after church, and told me that God had used one of the poems I read durin' the service to touch her heart about forgivin' someone she had been hard hearted towards. She was cryin'. and we just hugged.

Now THAT is what it's really all about for me--knowin' that God is at work in my little endeavors.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2013 by Evelyn Edgett