Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Steppin' Back For A Time

May 7, 2013

Sorry I haven't been around for a bit, but with the Redneck home and a real life schedule to adjust to, it's been a tad busy.

Also, I'm tryin' to decide how to proceed with my blog.

Originally, I began this blog as a way to talk about my family's life in the mountains of Oklahoma. Then a couple of years ago, we moved back 'down below', so to speak. As you can imagine, our lives have changed quite a bit, and yet I have tried to continue with my theme of simple livin'.

However, due to new challenges and tasks, I'm findin' it hard to concentrate and come up with posts that I'm proud to present about our lives, and how to live simply. Without internet at home, no camera for photos and such, I also find myself limited in what I can put across in activities. But mainly...


I figure if *I'M* bored--ya'll have GOT to be yawnin' when you read my posts.

So, for a time, I will be steppin' back and takin' a break as I pray and seek what God wants me to do. I may come back online and take the blog in a new direction, I may shut it down and concentrate on my other writin', or I may just begin a new themed blog to see where it goes. Either way, I need a break.

No matter what happens...

I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2013 by Evelyn Edgett

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