Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Update On Beef 'Prescription'--Bermuda Triangle--Thrift Store Trip

April 17, 2013

After three days of beef at my evenin' meal...I have lost all cravin' for chocolate. Is that cool or what?

Just thought I'd share.

I am convinced that the Bermuda Triangle has taken up residence in my livin' room bookshelf. Nothin' else explains what happened to a library book that has gone missin' for over a month (ironically--the title of the book is MISSING).

I checked itout, read part of the way through, and just didn't 'click' with the plot or characters, so I put it aside on my night stand, and the next day I moved it to the book shelf where I keep library materials to be returned. Later, I found that I had not brought it to the library, so had it rechecked out so I could bring it back next time.

I never found the book.

I have torn my house up lookin' for it, called every library that I use (and it's a LOT of libraries that I patronize) to see if I had accidentally left it with them--no dice.

No one comes to my house--I'm not inhospitable, my house is just really pretty small for visitors--I haven't taken my books anywhere else. I have torn my truck apart, but no book. Now add to all that the fact that my letter to my pen pals, PLUS the original letters from them have disappeared off the same book shelf...

...oooOOOOOooooooo....(cue TWILIGHT ZONE music)

Oh well. I'll rewrite the letters and pay for the book. It may be bizarre, but it's ain't earth shakin'.

Yesterday, I checked out a thrift store someone told me about. It's a place where all the clothes are the same price, regardless of what it is--pants, skirts, etc. On Thursday, the store puts out all the new stuff, and everything is $1.75. As the week progresses, the prices go lower, until Wednesday, when everything is 25 cents, and I have heard that it's a mad house that day.

I went on 50 cent day, and while I DID get some bargains--4 pieces of clothing for $2.00--I'm not certain if it will be worth my time to go very often. Nothing is organized--men's. kid's, EVERYTHING is just glommed onto racks together. You hafta DIG to find stuff, and while there were good things, it was also hot, stuffy, and crowded with folks lookin' for a bargain. Poor Obie just looked at me like I had lost my mind, and I felt so bad for him that I bought him a DR. PEPPER as soon as we left. He earned it for his patience.

Also checked out a couple of other thrift stores, includin' GOODWILL. I have lost interest in GOODWILL over the years, as their prices have steadily climbed. Yes--they are still cheaper than a lot of places, but some things are just ridiculous. I did find a few things on the clearance shelves up front for 50 cents each--includin' a cute little tile that says, "Rewrite your script." I put that up where I can see it when I brush my teeth.

I don't shop thrift stores and yard sales just to get a bargain--I shop there because most of the time it's a fun way to save money, and you can meet some really neat folks in them. I don't go just to get more stuff--I shop only when I have a true need or want, and many times I leave without buyin' anything. I know of a few more stores that I will be checkin' out probably next month in a different town, and hopefully I will have some fun stuff to report.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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