Monday, April 22, 2013

New Phone--And Book Review Of NEW DRESS A DAY

April 22, 2013


Yup, instead of my old TRACFONE, which I really appreciated all the years I lived in the mountains and couldn't get any other phone service--I now have a new AT&T phone, with a lot of bells and whistles. And a KEYBOARD. I can text a lot faster now, and it will be correct! I also have a camera, and I can get simple internet access, so I can check my email without havin' to leave the house, which is nice, 'cause I get email updates to a lot of inspirational posts, and it has been great, gettin' to read scripture first thing in the mornin'.

PLUS--I get to talk to the Redneck more often, since it doesn't cost anything to call him. THAT has been wonderful, and we call each other early in the mornin', so we get to sort of 'wake up' together. Last night we talked for over 2 hours, and I was able to do some chores while we talked, and he did his laundry. We both still dislike his bein' gone for so long--but now we don't feel quite so lonely.

And of course--this new phone and the plan with it is CHEAPER than what we were doin' before--so my inner thriftologist is ecstatic.

Honestly, I feel like a cellular version of PINOCCHIO, and he says,

Okay, on to a book review that I hope ya'll will really like--NEW DRESS A DAY, by Marisa Lynch.

Marisa is a blogger, and she started NEW DRESS A DAY: 365 DAYS / 365 DOLLARS several years ago, and it took off like a rocket. Marisa takes funky clothing from thrift shops, and turns them into gorgeous creations of her own. Eventually, all this fashionisity (is that a word? It SHOULD be, ya know.), was turned into a book filled with what Marisa calls 'dressipes', or ways to make somethin' WOW out of nothin'.

It's easy to follow, and the photos are great. Ideas range from where to get your raw matererials, to makin' an apron out of fabric leftover from other projects. And I LOVE the jacket made from a MOB dress (Mother Of Bride)--I'm keepin' an eye peeled for my own MOB at thrift stores, 'cause I love 'blingy' jackets.

If you love to have new goodies in your 'drobe' (My word), but can't face the high cost of clothing that looks like every other piece out there in the mass market world of fashion--give NEW DRESS A DAY a gander. It's published by BALLENTINE.

Also check out Marisa's blog at You will love her work, and many of her reader's contribute photos of thier own 'redos'.

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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