Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm Back--Finally

April 5, 2013

Whew--I forgot that I hadn't posted anything since last Friday, when I told ya'll I was headin' to West Texas to see the Redneck. Then I kinda dropped off the map, and it wasn't until now that I realized that some of you may think that I had been in an accident or gotten lost or somethin'. Well, here's what happened...

It wasn't more than a few moments after I had posted the above plans that I received a message from the Redneck sayin' that he was able to come home after all, so I was thrilled.

Why, I didn't have to drive all that way, I I could stay at home, I, I... heck.

I had to do the weekly cleanin' chores that I had planned to put off until I got back.

Well, shoot my monkey.

Then I figured, whatever--I get my Redneck home for a week instead of a couple of days, so I can clean house while I wait. I got the basic cleanin' stuff done, got all prettied up, and went to pick him up where the guys from his work would drop him off.. 3:30 in the MORNIN'.


We got home around 4:30, slept until 7:30, and began our time together. Obie had gone to his dad's for the holiday, so we had some couple time. It was great, and it was wonderful to attend church with my Beloved on Easter Sunday. Obie got home later Sunday, and he was happy to see the Redneck.

Our week with him home was just so great. We took care of things that needed to be done, we went places and visited friends, and we ate out a LOT. I can't believe I'm actually lookin' forward to goin' back to a raw food diet now that he is back in West Texas.

Oh yeah, about that...

Obie and I drove him back to his job this afternoon, and we are spendin' the night at the motel with him, before headin' home in the mornin'. That trip is LOOONG.

We are now enjoyin' a quiet evenin'--I'm obviously surfin' the web while my guys are watchin' the tv. Tomorrow Obie and I will return home, which will be a little bit less fun because the Redneck won't be there for another few weeks. But we're cool. We have lots to do until he comes home.

Later, I have several cool things to tell ya'll about what happened over the week, and I hope to post a few good essays about thoughts and how we should control them.

Well, no chores, but I'm takin' a nap. Later ya'll.
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