Saturday, April 6, 2013

Catchin' Up

March 6, 2013

Made it back from West Texas around 10:30 this mornin'. We left the hotel just before 6 a.m., and the trip back really wasn't that bad--I knew where I was headed, and just kept checkin' the map for which town was next. Obie and I heard some awesome music, and enjoyed a lovely sunrise. We got home, got mugged by the animals--both big and small (seriously...ever been hugged by a horse?), took care of any chores that needed to be done, had a quick lunch, and collapsed for a nap. Now we are up, took care of more chores, and decided to come play at the wifi hotspot for a time.

Okay, to catch ya'll up on some cool things that happened this last week.

We found a new organic grocery store--they even have bottled kombucha, and their bulk herbs are a great price.

As ya'll know, our preacher has cancer, and of course, we are all doin' anything we can to help him. I found out that my friend Eleanor has a RIFE machine. For those who don't know what that is, you can go to the followin' site to get a really good technical explanation. ( I can only tell ya what I understand--it's a machine that gives off varyin' frequencies that are supposed to affect the human body in a positve manner.

Well, there's a LOT of controversy about these things, and I ain't makin' any claims about them, other than to say that I am willin' to try anything to help my preacher. So while he was in his chemo free period, he went and had a course of treatments with the machine. He enjoyed them, in fact, he dozed off durin' them, and he hasn't had any ill effects from it. We will see as time goes on what, if anything happens.

In the meantime, I'll be takin' a series of treatments myself after this week. I have had one already, a simple virus protocal series, and I did notice that I got really calm and comfy durin' the treatment. Again, not sure if there has been a change in a few things, but we will see, and I'll let ya'll know what I experience. Eleanor haas been doin' the treatments regularly, and she claims to have had amazin', results.

Speakin' of Eleanor--she is currently diggin' her toes in the sandy beaches of Costa Rica, as she celebrates her 70th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! She is sooooo cool--I wanna be her when I grow up.

Wait--I have to grow up first--and I don't see that happenin' any time soon.

Do you?

I will be headed to Eleanor's this weekend to trim all of her rosemary bushes--and yes, I get to keep all that I trim! Then I'll be helpin' her clean out her closets of excess clothin', which will be goin' to the homeless shelter our church is workin' with--so far we have donated over 1200 pounds of clothes, plus toiletries, baby items, and things to help folks set up housekeepin' as they get into housin'.

And no--I won't be gettin' any of her old clothes for me--she's a TINY little thing.

So, I gotta get goin'--have a ton of things to do online before the evenin'. I think we'll have a HUGE salad tonight, and rentin' THE HOBBIT sounds like fun.

Well, I got chores. later ya'll.
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  1. Hi there!!
    I just read your comment over at Mrs. White's, The Legacy of Home. You said, "I have lived in so many trailer houses in my life, I actually considered doing a decorating magazine for them, and call it, AFTER THE WHEELS COME OFF." I think this would be a fabulous book!! I know MANY ladies that live in mobile homes and feel so depressed when they watch HGTV or see decorating magazines in stores because they feel like they'll never have one of those grand homes they show on TV. Why not consider something like this??????

    Mrs. U

    1. never thought of it as a real project. Lemme pray about it.

      Thanks for the encouragement.