Friday, March 1, 2013

Saturday Post About 30 Minutes Early

March 2, 2013

Well, Obie is at his dad's, the Redneck is still out in West Texas, and I'm hangin' out at the local wi-fi spot late on a Friday night, playin' on the internet. I have had a great time, watchin' YOUTUBE videos on how to do stuff, readin' new blogs that I find along the way, and just havin' fun.

I wanted to take a bit of time to post Saturday's blog a bit early tonight, 'cause I have some excitin' news about what happened earlier tonight when I got here.

There are several folks, young and old, who come up here and use the internet at different times of day, and we all kinda know each other by sight, and some of us by name. There is one lady who comes in and we have spoken at times. She is very nice, and once she even brought me some readin' glasses she thought I needed because I am always hunched over my laptop to see.

Well, tonight when I came in, I asked if I could share her table, and she said yes. I got settled, grabbed a drink from the counter, and we were just together, doin' our online thing, occasionally sharin' a bit of news or something we found.

Eventually we got to talkin', and we learned a bit more about each other. We even prayed together about some needs she has. I asked her if she had a church home, and she said that she had been wantin' to get back into church, but that she didn't own any dresses.

I said, "Oh honey, have I got a church for YOU!"

I told her about Cowboy Church, and she got the information on how to get there, what time we start, etc. I hope she comes Sunday, for she is in need of fellowship with folks who care, ya know?

So, without a big to do--I was able to minister to someone in need, and give out an invite to my church. It may also have opened up a door to witness to others in our little group.

Hey if *I* can do that--ANYBODY can!

Well, it's almost midnight, so no chores. Later ya'll.
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