Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rainy Day--Rawmazing Book And Website Review--Movie Bargain!

March 9, 2013

It's a gentle rainy day, and Obie and I are at the local wifi spot, enjoyin' a soda and music. I hope ya'll are all havin' a good day too.

As ya'll know, I have been increasin' my raw foods intake, and I'm always lookin' for more books and websites to help me in this quest.

Well, I recently found Rawmazing: Over 130 Simple Raw Recipes for Radiant Health  by Susan Powers. It's a great book, not only filled with recipes, but also gorgeous photos of what the food looks like when it's prepared. This is definately one to buy--the recipes are not hard, and the ingredients are fairly easy to find.

There is also , which is related to the book by Susan Powers, and it is very helpful. The latest recipe is Raw Bruschetta Crackers with Basil Garlic Cashew Spread. I wanna try it--but I absolutely HATE basil. I don't get the appeal of pesto, really. So I will try another herb to use. That is the cool thing about lernin' the basics of cookin', or even, um...UNcookin'. Once you have the basics, you can play with how things are prepared, and make them more to your and your family's  likin'.

One of the things that I love about Power's recipes is that she uses parsnips to substitute for rice. I enjoy parsnips with their peppery flavor, and with the price of them right now--whirlin' 'em in a food processor or even just gratin' them by hand into a 'rice' makes them go farther.

One of the funny things about havin' the Redneck gone for so long is that our food bill gets cut even lower. Obie and I eat mostly raw foods, poultry and fish when it's just us, and the meat is really used as the side dish to the veggies. Don't get me wrong--I still LOVE to eat meat, but I can do with a lot less of it. I think that actually makes the meat I DO eat taste even better, since it's more of a treat than a staple.

Oh--real quick--we stopped at a yard sale yesterday, and I got COWBOYS AND ALIENS on BLU-RAY, DVD and the digital copy...

...for $3.00.

Yup, it seems the lady bought the movie brand new, paid full price, watched it once, decided she didn't like it, and tossed it into the yard sale for a fraction of the original cost.

{{SIGH}} I LOVE spendthrifts--they make my life as a Thriftologist soooooo easy.....

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
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