Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My First Real Rant

March 26, 2013



How do I put this with all the love that I feel for my fellow believers in Christ...?


Yeah--that about sums it up.

What I'm tryin' to say is please THINK before you sent stuff out in a mass emailin'--OKAY?

What brought this rant on today is that I received an email from someone that contained an "official" quote from actor and comedian Ben Stein. It was a good speech, and the email went on to say that I needed to pass it on, but if I didn't, I wasn't a good Christian, blah, blah, BLECH!

Since I have seen many emails like this--I decided to check out the veracity of the contents. So I googled Mr. Stein, and found his site. (www.benstein.com)

Sure enough--there was a statement about this email. Yes, he had  made a speech, and it was CLOSE to what is bein' sent out--but it had been 'edited'. Here is the REAL speech.

"Herewith at this happy time of year, a few confessions from my beating heart:

I have no freaking clue who Nick and Jessica are. I see them on the cover of People and Us constantly when I am buying my dog biscuits and kitty litter. I often ask the checkers at the grocery stores. They never know who Nick and Jessica are either. Who are they? Will it change my life if I know who they are and why they have broken up? Why are they so important? I don't know who Lindsay Lohan is, either, and I do not care at all about Tom Cruise's wife.

Am I going to be called before a Senate committee and asked if I am a subversive? Maybe, but I just have no clue who Nick and Jessica are. Is this what it means to be no longer young. It's not so bad.

Next confession: I am a Jew, and every single one of my ancestors was Jewish. And it does not bother me even a little bit when people call those beautiful lit up, bejeweled trees Christmas trees. I don't feel threatened. I don't feel discriminated against. That's what they are: Christmas trees. It doesn't bother me a bit when people say, "Merry Christmas" to me. I don't think they are slighting me or getting ready to put me in a ghetto. In fact, I kind of like it. It shows that we are all brothers and sisters celebrating this happy time of year. It doesn't bother me at all that there is a manger scene on display at a key intersection near my beach house in Malibu. If people want a creche, it's just as fine with me as is the Menorah a few hundred yards away.

I don't like getting pushed around for being a Jew and I don't think Christians like getting pushed around for being Christians. I think people who believe in God are sick and tired of getting pushed around, period. I have no idea where the concept came from that America is an explicitly atheist country. I can't find it in the Constitution and I don't like it being shoved down my throat.

Or maybe I can put it another way: where did the idea come from that we should worship Nick and Jessica and we aren't allowed to worship God as we understand Him?

I guess that's a sign that I'm getting old, too. But there are a lot of us who are wondering where Nick and Jessica came from and where the America we knew went to

Pretty darn good, even better without all the added stuff.

See--this makes me nuts. Many times, Christians just automatically send out emails that may or MAY NOT contain the facts. We don't stop to think that we may unwittingly be spreadin' a falsehood, and damagin' the witness for Christ in the bargain.

For at least three decades, I have seen emails, photocopies, hand written letters, etc, about Madelyn Murray O'Hair tryin' to get all religious broadcastin' off the air. It's "The Petition 2493" Urban Legend. All the copies urge folks to write the FCC or other agencies to prevent this from happenin'. I have tried to tell folks this ain't real--even showed 'em the report from the FCC, who is STILL tryin' to get folks to understand that the petition rumor is false. I looked it up just now, and here is some of what they have to say (www.FCC.gov);

Religious Broadcasting Rumor. A false rumor continues to circulate that the FCC is proposing to ban religious broadcasting. This rumor is often (and erroneously) attributed to Madilyn Murray O'Hare. A petition (RM-2493) which had requested the Commission to make licensing changes was denied in 1975. You may read excerpts from that Commission order [ HTML ] or the entire document [ PDF (1.2 MB) ]."

I seldom rant on this blog, simply because I want to be a positive influence in cyberspace. However, I have always wanted to address this subject, and today I just decided to get this off my chest.

The Bible states:

"All who are prudent act with knowledge, but fools expose their folly." Proverbs 13:16

"Fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions." Proverbs 18:2

"A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards." Proverbs 29:11

Basically--it's sayin' don't open your mouth till ya know all the facts. If you get an email ugin' you to send it on--FIND OUT IF IT'S THE TRUTH FIRST!!!!!!! Don't just take it at face value because your buddy sent it to you in a mass emailin'.

I ain't pointin' out anything that I haven't had to learn myself over the years. We all get caught up in junk like this from time to time--mainly due to our own laziness about checkin' facts.

After all, isn't what I'm describin' basically just a new version of GOSSIP?


Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© 2013 by Evelyn Edgett


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