Monday, March 11, 2013

I Catch A Mischief Maker..."Red Pawed"

March 11, 2013

After my son and I fed and watered animals this mornin', I walked into my kitchen and found a plate in pieces on the floor, along with an oatmeal bowl. I knew who had done it--he was the only possible culprit.

His name is Midnight Joy.

Midnight is a small black fuzzy mutt who I found in a an all night laundry mat over ten years ago. Someone had dumped him in thier durin'  a thunderstorm. I was there to do laundry late at night, due to our leavin' for a vacation the next mornin'.

Under one of the tables was a puppy, scared but waggin' his tail. I put my laundry in, and sat on a bench to read until the washin' was done, and while I sat there, this little guy came and curled up against my side. When I put the clothes into the dryer, we did the same thing, and he sat right next to my feet while I folded the dry clothes.

I put all the baskets into the truck, and when I looked back, there was this little guys, lookin' up and hopeful.

I sighed. "Come on," I said and he jumped into the truck. As I pulled out and headed home, I wondered how this tiny guy was gonna fit into our household with two grown wolves and a cat who THOUGHT he was a wolf.

As you can see--he has fit in for many years. He has been a sweet companion to our family, and he has been a fierce protector of my son. I named him Midnight because that's when I found him, and the Joy part was added due to his dispostition.

However... his name is MUD.

He KNEW he had messed up, 'cause the second I went into the kitchen--he disappeared under the table.

I'm not sayin' he is smart--but I have walked in and he's in an apron, dustin' shelves and ironin'--that usually clues me into the fact that he has done somethin' wrong.

(Yes--I'm exagerratin'--it's called HYPERBOLE--look it up)

How he got his fat backside up where he could reach that plate--I have no idea. He so seldom does anything wrong, it actually shocks me when he is naughty.

So, he gets to spend the mornin' in his kennel while we are gone doin' errands, instead of snoozin' on my son's bed or the Redneck's recliner. When we get home, he will wag his tail and cock his head, askin' to be let out so he can suck up to me and apologize in his doggy manner.

And I will forgive him, lettin' him out to jump in my lap and cuddle for a time. He will join Obie and I for a snack, us with a homemade cookie, him for a doggie treat. Then later after lunch, we will all settle in to watch a movie or read, and he will be right there, enjoyin' HIS people.

Well, I got chores, and then I have to go pardon a 'criminal'. Later ya'll.
© 2013 by Evelyn Edgett


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