Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thriftology Thursday--Book Review Of Jeff Yeager's New Book

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll!

No special plans for the day, but I may bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies for my beloved Redneck as a surprise.

Today, I have a book review of HOW TO RETIRE THE CHEAPSKATE WAY, by my buddy, the Ultimate Cheapskate, Jeff Yeager.

I got my copy of the book, and read it through in a day.  I love that while Jeff does talk at points about investin', health care, housin', etc--I'm more impressed that he puts the whole subject of retirement into a more practical perspective. He is more concerned with how you LIVE than how much money you may have.

I think what really sets up the book as differnt from the usual retirement tome of borin' statistics and confusin' money market investin' scams--er--suggestions, is the followin' excerpt;

"Bob looked straight at me and said, "So tell me what you want, what you really, really want out of life. That's the first step if you're serious about making a career out of this type of work, living a comfortable life on what it can pay you, and someday even retiring from it. Once you've figured that out, figuring out the money stuff  really isn't that hard." (emphasis added by me)

I mean, come on--you can't get any simpler than that, can ya?

Usin' examples from real folks (you ain't gonna find any 'hypothetical' scenarios here), Jeff gives a view of what retirement is developin' into. Retirement is no longer about just sittin' back and waitin' for the end of life. Nowadays, many folks are lookin' forward to retirement as a way to move into an even MORE productive phase of life--what Jeff calls bein' SELFISHLY EMPLOYED.

With stories from folks just startin' out as newlyweds, all the way to actually retirees--Jeff covers all the bases about retirement. He talks about simplifyin' your lifestyle, concentratin' more on relationships than stuff, how to survive the health care system, and even ideas on how to make money--includin' a fun tale of a lady named Wanda Adams, who started a business called Wanda's Waiting, ( where she does many different things that help others, includin' shoppin', errands, and yes--waitin' at the folk's homes so she can let repairmen in while the person is at work.

Oh--and yes, there was a funny moment as I was readin' along. I saw this quote, and thought--"Hmmm...sounds like somethin' I'd say." Then I looked at the name, and realized I DID SAY IT!
I had forgotten that before I dumped FACEBOOK last year, Jeff had asked us all a few questions, and I had answered them.

Seriously--this is a very good resource for folks who are preparin' for or are in the middle of, retirement. What sets this book apart from others of its ilk is that most of the content is usable in EVERY stage of life.

A quick addition to this post--one of the ladies who join me in my web surfin' here at our wifi hot spot just walked up to me and said she had been thinkin' about me and my problem of bein' unable to see my latop screen without removin' my glasses. She had been given a few pair of readin' glasses, and she wanted me to have them if they worked. While they weren't the strength I needed--I was touched that she thought of me. You see, folks--THAT is what life is about--helpin' others. I hope my blog helps ya'll in some way too.

Well, i got chores. Later ya'll
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